La Bolsa Bar: Dining, Drinking and Dancing With a Twist

La Bolsa Bar
La Bolsa Bar (photo: David Lee)

That’s right, the three golden D’s of nightlife can be found at La Bolsa Bar, but the name isn’t for show. La Bolsa, which translates to “The Stock Market,” invites you to be a little playful.

The traditional “choose from the menu, eat it and pay the price shown” doesn’t completely come into play at this thriving Poblado restaurant.

The alcohol prices vary according to the supply and demand within the restaurant at the time. This way, the everyday diner can choose from prices according to their current place in the “stock.”

La Bolsa is hard to miss, located in the Rio Sur Mall in Poblado; its screens flash Avenida Poblado with the large arrows that show variations between market and current price.

The ambiance is unbelievable tranquil for a place right on Avenida Poblado. Although it’s inside the mall, the restaurant is off to the side of the building, separated from the street by glass walls, with an open sky.

The main floor is used mainly for dining, has a bar area and TV’s for sports fans, plays classic 80s and 90s music, and has dim lighting that gives the space a cozy but breezy outdoor night feel.

Screens that showed the "crashing" prices of alcohol at the restaurant that night.
Screens that showed the “crashing” prices of alcohol at the restaurant that night

The Menu

Their menu plays into their concept. A faux version of the paper La República includes the story behind the restaurant and a variety of dishes ranging from pastas and meats to salads and desserts, each one better than the last.

During the week, they offer specials for lunch designed for the many citizens that work in the area, all around 16,000 pesos ($7).

It was truly difficult to choose from all the dishes offered, but at last we came to a consensus on the appetizer: Salmon rolls filled with delicious ripe avocado, topped with black pepper.

Baby beef with salad and fries
Baby beef with salad and fries
Pasta Suprema
Pasta Suprema: Fettuccine with chicken, mushrooms and dried tomatoes.

For the next course, however, we took different paths, my partner choosing this tender baby beef and myself going for the Pasta Suprema, which were both served immediately after we finished our appetizer.

I was blown away by their exceptional fresh made pasta, which they offer in fettuccine, penne or spaghetti, depending on your taste.

Both dishes were perfect portions and excellent quality accompanied by attentive and polite service.

…Now for the Drinks and Dancing

Have some fun with it! Order from the screens and see how your order makes it spike or spiral. The change will be more dramatic depending on the time of day and the amount of people.

Just as with their food menu, the alcohol at La Bolsa is diverse. Whether it’s a cocktail you want or a cold beer, as I chose, it’s there for the ordering, and if you’re lucky, it’s on the screen next to a large red arrow pointing down.

If you feel like dancing, the second floor is equipped to take you in with an assortment of dance music that is sure to get you moving. Subtle neon lights jump across the room, and a row of tables give you the option of looking down at the restaurant from a balcony view.

I especially recommend the sort of dance scene offered on the second floor to the 40+ crowd and the wine lovers; the ambiance and the variety of great wines are sure to keep you coming back.


Dinner was provided courtesy of La Bolsa; opinions are my own.

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  1. My girlfriend and I ate here on Sunday night, so the atmosphere wasn’t ideal because of the day. I did like the concept of the drink prices changing based on the market. We had the nachos and hamburger and two margaritas. The nachos were better than the burger, and the drinks were good. The experience was fine, but it definitely felt overpriced.