Hotel Park 10: A Luxury Boutique Hotel

Aerial view of the hotel (photo courtesy of Hotel Park 10)
Aerial view of the hotel (photo courtesy of Hotel Park 10)

Medellín with its ever-increasing popularity is becoming a mecca for tourists and business travelers alike.

Finding accommodation does not tend to be a challenge, and depending on your tastes and preferred location you will be able to find something to your liking (as highlighted in our best hotels from 2013 article), however, upscale boutique accommodation tends to be a tad more difficult to find.

Hotel Park 10 is a five-star boutique hotel in Poblado with a distinctive English design. With its mahogany, marble and stained glass adornment it certainly has a slightly regal and opulent feel.

For those who have visited a Sofitel before, it is very much in line with their style of European class.

Situated a few blocks from Parque Lleras, it is well-located for those looking to enjoy the neighborhood’s many bars and restaurants, while its restaurant Lussac, serves up casual food, which include soups, salads, pastas and shared plates.

The Lussac Bar and Restaurant (photo courtesy of Hotel Park 10)
The Lussac Bar and Restaurant (photo courtesy of Hotel Park 10)

There is also an array of different spirits and fine wines should you fancy a tipple.

The interiors of the bar, restaurant and the part al-fresco dining area (where breakfast is also served) are stylishly done with comfortable large seating and classy design.

If you would like to have a bit of privacy with a group, you can reserve an elevated area of the bar for you and your friends.

The hotel’s 55 rooms are split into two towers, with Luxury rooms (266,500 pesos / $106 per night), Junior Suites (317,750 pesos / $127 per night) and Grand Suites (358,500 pesos / $143 per night) being offered.

The Grand Suites cover two floors and three out of the six  of them come equipped with your very own jacuzzi. The jacuzzi rooms are 430,500 pesos ($172) per night but they are quite luxurious!

So this is what luxury looks like! (photo courtesy of Hotel Park 10)
Jacuzzi room (photo courtesy of Hotel Park 10)

As expected from a five-star boutique the rooms are stylish with, big, comfortable beds and well-appointed bathrooms and the expected amenities (mini-bar, TV, Wi-Fi).

With it being a boutique hotel, it doesn’t cover many floors so you can’t expect the breathtaking views of the city that you might see at the Charlee Lifestyle Hotel, but that is a minor drawback considering the comfort that you have.

A luxury room (photo courtesy Hotel Park 10)
A luxury room (photo courtesy Hotel Park 10)

The hotel has amenities in keeping with a place that hosts corporate events – a 130 person auditorium hosts special events (wedding, anniversaries), as well as meetings.

The hotel tends to get full (or at least close to full) from Monday to Thursday when the various conferences, meetings and business deals are done in the city. The weekends are slightly more relaxed and less busy.

For those wanting to exercise after work or a day’s sightseeing, you have a small gym and rooms for Pilates and yoga. Personal trainers can also be organized upon request. Although there is no pool, there is a sauna and steam room.

There is also the Nirvana spa downstairs which is open to 5 p.m. daily and offers your normal spa treatments.

In terms of other leisure facilities, the hotel has a BIG plus. It has a deal with the renowned (in Medellín at least) private club, El Rodeo. Guests of the hotel can use the facilities of the club, from the golf to tennis courts.

With the hotel being owned by the D group, guests can also get preferential treatment at a range of restaurants, bars and nightclubs in Medellín.

Overall the hotel provides the comfort, exclusivity and personalized attention that guests would be expecting of a five-star boutique hotel in the city and would be a great base for your business or leisure trip.

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Nick is an international development professional from the UK and is currently working for an NGO based in Medellin that supports miners and their communities. As well as covering development issues, he hopes to share his insights into life in Medellin and the daily confusion/excitement that comes with living in the city.



  1. The junior suite was very comfortable, and the room service was fine. I was there for 2 nights, and when I was about to shower, before checking out, there was no water. The front desk told me that a letter had been given to all guests informing them of this. I never received a letter. They sent me up a pan of very hot water, but I had no cool water to mix with it. I used bottled water to brush my teeth, but when I asked for a credit for the bottled water, they seemed to require an approval from top management to approve this. So, I paid my bill, since I had a plane to catch. I spent a lot of money during my stay. I don’t understand why they would lose a future guest over a bottle of water, but they have.

    • Guessing that comes down to training. The lower level staff need to be given more authority to make calls that will impact customer service.

      I was there earlier tonight for an event, and before the event I had a nice dinner at Lussac. I liked the dim lounge area with the leather couches. I can certainly see enjoying a few drinks with colleagues after work there. The quality of food surprised me too.

      But when I went to take a few photos, and I casually asked the waiter if it was okay, he had to go ask permission. That’s not unusual for me here, but I still find it a bit strange that it gives some staff pause, especially as I’m just using my cell phone, it’s not like I have a DSLR and tripod.

    • Why didn’t you simply call room service for another pan of water that was room temperature or cold? The tap-water in MDE is actually potable and of good quality (better than many US areas).

      The problem with using your room’s bar service bottled water is that it is an inventory item and the poor lower-level employees sometimes (actually usually) get lots of grief for small discrepancies and the bosses generally don’t give them hardly any decision making latitude.

      If I were you, I’d write the GM a nice note,complimenting the property for what you liked and pointing out your disappointment about the water situation. He or she will appreciate the honest feedback… and you may get special treatment on your next visit.