Friday Night Salsa

Late night pancake con queso
Late night pancake con queso

Friday night I went out with Martin, Diana, David and a few others to a salsa club near the Estadio metro station.

I would give the name except I saw none at the entrance (update: it’s called El Tibiri).

It was a small, basement level bar with a low ceiling, and poor air circulation. It was hot and steamy, which is exactly the way I want my salsa clubs!

Since it is hard to salsa with a beer, I focused on my dancing first, with the help of one of the girls in our group.

I am searching for a regular dance partner so I can make some solid progress week to week. I´d rather learn in the clubs than a dance studio.

The night ended early when 3 of the girls left, leaving David and I without partners/instructors.

Martin and Diana stayed a little longer, as such a club is much more suitable for couples.

Possibly the best part of the night, was the lack of money required. I paid $1.60 for two beers, about $1 for a late-night pancake with cheese (they love their queso down here), and no more than a total of $4 for the metro and taxi ride home!

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