El Viejo y el Pancake: American Breakfast by Estadio


I met Lexxy, co-owner of El Viejo y el Pancake at a yoga class, and when she casually said “we’re opening an American breakfast restaurant in Laureles,” I was pulled out of any zen state I could have achieved.

“Yes. Please. Tell me more.”

Lexxy and David, married six years,  moved to Colombia with their son late 2013. They are a Colombian-American family, that, like many, realized they could make a home in Medellín. The decision to move back to Colombia stemmed from their pregnancy news, Lexxy’s mother is Colombian, and they had always loved the country, its tranquility, its citizens’ manners, and the education possibilities for their child.

David studied culinary arts and graduated with degrees in culinary, pastry and restaurant management, so food was always an option as a profession. With their son, Gio, being in school every morning, it’s easy for the couple to manage a breakfast place and be back to spend time with their sun after work, so the decision was made and El Viejo y el Pancake was born.

El Viejo y El Pancake

El Viejo y el Pancake opened about a month ago in one of the little kiosks by the Estadio Station, after a few weeks of preparation. The address is Calle 48 #70-00 (155), but it’s exactly at Estadio Station on the Calle 48 side. They’re open Friday to Tuesday from 6 am to 1 pm (closed Wednesday and Thursday).

The name, which translates to “The Old Man and the Pancake” comes from Lexxy’s closeness to Hemingway’s The Old Man and the Sea, which was present in her house in both Spanish and English, as it was her mother’s favorite book and the couple wanted to make an homage to that. On the flipside, Lexxy likes to poke fun at her husband, David, for being an “old man” who makes pancakes.

They wanted something small and, sure enough, they got it. With seating for about eight people, the place is cozy. There’s some magic in taking the time to eat breakfast, and this place inspires it, so go with some time on your hands, take friends and family, enjoy it.

The Menu at El Viejo y el Pancake has simple, varied items that smell and taste like home.

The Menu

They have a simple but delicious menu in both English and Spanish that consists of five food types to be mixed and matched however you want: Eggs, Burritos, Pancakes, Meats and Potatoes. One thing to highlight is how incredibly affordable they are!

One thing to highlight is how incredibly affordable they are! I’ve honestly never spent more than about 8,000 pesos ($2.70) on food here, when ordering juice, pancakes, bacon, and I always end up very satisfied. Those who eat more than I, won’t find themselves spending too much more.

While visiting, I’ve heard people recommending items to each other like regulars, both Colombian and foreign, though the place hasn’t been open long you’ll hear “try the potatoes O’Brien!” or “I’m here to get those Dallas,” and it feels like a little nook of home right beside the iconic Medellin Landmark that is a metro station.

El Viejo y el Pancake’s Future

They’re so happy where they are now, spending time together as a family, meeting new people, providing excellent food, and growing and nurturing a community. However, when asked about what their plans are, Lexxy says:

“Maybe someday we will open a proper diner but that will be a ways into the future. We might even open more locations at other metro stops someday but we are trying not to look to far ahead just yet. We want it to be a place where people like coming to hang out, eat great food and enjoy a little slice of the US here in Colombia. We would really like to spread a love of “American” breakfast to the Colombian community and of course, meet other expats and travelers from back home.”

Find El Viejo y el Pancake on Facebook for more!

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    I have some pretty good ideas about if you guys are interested on those. I have just a very basic English level but huge will for improvement.
    Keep in touch.

  2. Next time I’m in Medellin, I’ll try to look up this diner! The breakfasts look awesome and the price is right!

  3. I had to walk over there a couple of times before I finally found an empty seat. Third time was a charm. I enjoyed the home made Jimmy Dean inspired sausage patties. I liked ’em so much that I went back again yesterday (seating ready and waiting) and asked Dave to whip me up a double order of sausages to go with my eggs. This time Lexxy was there too and they were through with the breakfast rush so had plenty of time to chat. What a delightful couple!

  4. The directions here are misleading. I’m not sure if it moved since this was published. It’s located at 47 and 70, you can see it from the corner.