Blue, Rum, Rock, and Roommates

Entrance to Blue
Entrance to Blue

Last Friday night was the first time me, Martin, and Maira all went out for a night on the town.

Maira chose Blue, and since Martin hadn’t been there either, and I like to take a break from salsa now and then in favor of my native rock and roll, it worked out for everyone.

Martin and I met up with Ji outside the venue, and then paid the 5,000 peso cover (which includes one free beer) to get inside.  Maira and her friend met us there a little later.

Getting to venues early is always a good idea in Colombia.  It ensures you can get a table on which to rest your favorite bottle of liquor.  On this night, we went with rum (the alternative being the ghastly Aguardiente).

Two bottles of the sweet libation arrived, along with Sprite and Pepsi to mix.  Colombians will tell you Pepsi or Coke will give you a bigger hangover than if you use Canada Dry or Sprite, but I don’t buy it.

The music was very loud, but once we settled in, everyone had a good time and even a few conversations and introductions occurred.

Roosh stopped by to check out the bar (he is canvassing the city’s nightlife at an impressive rate).

Later, Jim stopped over to say hello too, as he was there with some people from The Black Sheep hostel.

Roommates night out at Blue in Medellin. From right - Martin, me, and Maira. A friend of Martins is also pictured (yellow).
From right – Martin, me, and Maira. A friend of Martin’s is also pictured (yellow).

Eventually, we all got up and began dancing.  More rum was consumed.  A half-filled bottle was accidentally removed from our table, necessitating a third bottle to finish us off.

Martin left first.  The house lights came on around 3:45am, and Maira, three of her friends, and myself walked a block to get some food.  I

remember ordering a quesadilla…I think.

More importantly, since that didn’t turn out to be enough to satiate me, I returned to the cashier and ordered a brownie sundae.

That did the trick, and then Maira and I took a taxi back to Envigado for some much-needed rest.

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