Join the Medellín Living April Meetup: Happy Hour With a View at Delaire Sky Lounge

    Medelllín Living April Meetup - Delaire Sky Lounge
    Medelllín Living April Meetup - Delaire Sky Lounge

    We have planned our Medellín Living April Meetup event on Thursday, April 20 at 7pm at Delaire Sky Lounge in El Poblado.

    Maybe you just arrived in Medellín, or maybe you’ve been living here for years.  Come and meet other expats living in the city or visiting Medellín. Regardless of your time in the city, I want to invite you to the fourth official Medellín Living Meetup for 2017.

    Our April Meetup will be at the popular Delaire Sky Lounge with great views of the city. It’s located in the Rio Sur mall on the seventh floor. This is conveniently located right across the street from Oviedo mall in El Poblado. We expect this to be our biggest event yet!

    Even if you’re on a tight budget, come for the conversation, and if you can’t make it this time, no worries. We intend to organize a Medellín Living meetup each month.

    This Medellín Living April Meetup isn’t a sponsored event, so attendees will be expected to pay their own way for food and drinks. The above photo is courtesy of Delaire Sky Lounge.

    Date: Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 7:00pm to 10:00pm.

    Please RSVP for the Medellín Living April Meetup

    This is a very good way to meet other expats living in the city as well as newcomers visiting or considering moving to the city. You’ll also get to meet some of the Medellín Living writers, including Jeff and Alan.  Invite your friends!

    If you plan to attend please RSVP so we know how many tables at Delaire Sky Lounge to reserve! You can RSVP on Facebook here, or below in the comments if you are not on Facebook.

    Delaire Sky Lounge is a much bigger venue than our previous venues that we filled up each time.

    The view from Delaire, photo courtesy of Delaire Sky Lounge
    The view from Delaire, photo courtesy of Delaire Sky Lounge

    About Delaire Sky Lounge

    Delaire Sky Lounge is a trendy rooftop bar/restaurant that opened in 2011.  It’s located on the top floor (seventh floor) of Rio Sur mall, which is located across the street from Oviedo mall. After exiting the elevator, proceed through the shared entrance with Sixttina Discoteca, and up the stairs to Delaire.

    It’s located along an outdoor balcony that wraps around the upper edges of Rio Sur mall. Delaire Sky Lounge offers beautiful views of the city, day or night. It’s a perfect place to enjoy views of the city of eternal spring. And retractable awnings allow diners to enjoy the open air, regardless of the weather.

    Delaire serves lunch, dinner and drinks. It’s a popular bar for happy hour and it’s also a great place to grab food as well.

    Delaire Sky Lounge has a full bar with a pretty extensive list of drink options. They have many cocktails to choose from including margaritas, martinis and mojitos. There are also wines, several beer options and many aguardiente, whisky and rum options.

    In addition, there are many food options on the menu including several appetizers, ceviche, soups, salmon and other fish, shrimp, chicken dishes, pizza, pork and other meats. I have eaten at Delaire several times and everything I have tried has been good.

    BBQ chicken pizza with cheese, avocado and corn, Dave's favorite
    BBQ chicken pizza with cheese, avocado and corn, Dave’s favorite
    Four meats pizza at Delaire
    Four meats pizza at Delaire

    Pizza is the most popular food item. Delaire has great thin-crust pizzas cooked in a wood-burning oven. The pizza prices range from 30,000 to 32,000 pesos.

    The bottom line is that Delaire has a nice atmosphere with a good view, attentive service plus great cocktails and food. Dave previously covered Delaire Sky Lounge in 2013 on this site – it’s one of his favorite nightlife spots in the city.

    Delaire's bar and wood-burning oven, photo courtesy of Delaire Sky Lounge
    Delaire’s bar and wood-burning oven, photo courtesy of Delaire Sky Lounge

    Our Medellín Living Meetups

    Readers in our Medellín Living survey late last year asked us to re-start the Medellín Living Meetup events and we have responded.

    Over 25 Medellín Living Meetup events were held in the past from early 2013 to early 2015. They tended to have 15 to 30 attendees each.

    There are now more expats living in Medellín and many more expats visiting the city so we expect our meetups in 2017 to be much bigger events than in the past.

    Our February Meetup at Tapito Tacos in Envigado
    Our February Meetup at Tapito Tacos in Envigado

    Our first meetup in 2017 in El Poblado had nearly 60 attendees. And our second meetup in Envigado had about 65 attendees. Our third meetup last month was a big success with 70 people packing Pizza en Leña in Sabaneta. We are growing each month.

    Our plan is to rotate our meetups each month between El Pobaldo, Envigado, Sabaneta and Laureles, which are the four most popular neighborhoods for expats living in Medellín.

    We are doing this so expats can experience different parts of the city. Our May meetup is tentatively planned to be in Laureles on May 18. Details will be posted on this site in early May.

    Note there isn’t any extra fee required to attend Medellín Living meetups and there isn’t any membership required.

    We now have two new ways for our readers to keep up with Medellin Living events. You can follow us on our new Medellin Living Events & Activities Facebook group or at

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    1. My name is herbie. I have been vacationing to mde for about 11 years now 7-8 times a year and will be moving there on April 13. I would like to come to the meetup on the 20th

    2. Jeff .. Like Bill Robinson, I don’t use Facebook…. Put me down as RSVP for Will Come .. to the Delaire event on the 20th of April. — Hank Dolmatch

    3. Hey Jeff, I hope to be able to attend. I am arriving in Medellin on April 20. Hopefully I will arrive in time to make the happy hour. This is my first visit to Medellin.

      Thanks Tommy

      • Yes thank you for the efforts. I am in town with a couple of my wingmen – can you put us down as well? What’s the policy on bringing dates along? Is it OK to bring them along on the night?

    4. Shoot. I missed this but am in Medellin until May 10th. I’ll keep my eyes peeled just in case there is another before I leave to head back to Seattle WA. Craig.