Apartment In Envigado

Envigado Apartment

Envigado Apartment

I finally made the move from hostel to private residence after much debate and delay.

If I am going to be living in Medellin, I need to act like it instead of hiding out within the safe and comfortable confines of the hostel.

Ultimately, I was getting tired of sharing a room with up to 5 other people, who could be sleeping at any given hour of the day, requiring me to avoid using the lights or making noise if I need to get something from my backpack.

Also, the lack of privacy was going to be an issue, especially as I continue to build relationships.

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And the kitchen was in no way inspiring me to cook for myself, which is the healthier and more affordable alternative to eating out every meal. I won´t miss the construction noise either.

The room I am renting

The room I am renting

I am paying $40 per month for the above-pictured room which seems reasonable to me given the nice apartment in which it can be found.

I found it via my friend Martin who lives there too. Maira, the Colombian university student who rents her two extra rooms, is a sweetheart too.

She speaks English well, and is OK with me paying week to week right now.

A view from the apartment

A view from the apartment

The apartment is Envigado, which is in the southern part of the city, however I can take a bus up Las Vegas Avenue for 50 cents to the Poblado metro if I do not want to walk to the closer Ayura station.

It is near both an Exito and Carrefour, the Walmart-type chain stores here in Colombia.

Forcing myself to leave the preppy, well-to-do confines of El Poblado is also a good way for me to experience other parts of the city, although Martin says our apartment is in a well-to-do neighborhood too!

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  1. dave is $40 a typo? are you really only paying that much? i´m looking for a place to live in envigado. let me know if your friend has more rooms to fill. kevin.

  2. Dave,
    It’s great to see that you’ve found a nice apartment to share, and at a great monthly rate! I like the view of the mountains and it sounds like you’ll have good roommates. How is the kitchen?

  3. Hi Dave,

    I’m also curious about the rent being $40/month. It sounds too good to be true. Do you mean $40/week?

  4. Yes, that was a big typo on my part. My bad. I am paying $40 per week, or $160 per month.

  5. Hola David,
    I have a “novia” that lives in Envigado and I’m trying to find an “inexpensive” ($40-50)and clean hotel there for an upcoming visit.  Do you have any suggestions???
    Thanks a bunch!

  6. Hay Dave, are you an American that lives in Colombia and if so do you get a warm welcome from the locals cause I’m thinking of moving from the US to Colombia since I am a Colombian American, and are you working and how hard is it to get a job there and not being colombian

  7. Hey Thomas, unfortunately I haven’t a clue when it comes to hotel options in Envigado, or all of Medellin for that matter.  Try http://poorbuthappy.com – the Colombia forum. 

  8. Yes, the locals are very friendly which is part of why I wanted to stay here.  I know I’ll miss it when I go home to the USA too.  I can’t advise about looking for a job as it wasn’t something I did seriously.  There are plenty of English teachers from abroad though, so that is a possibility.

  9. ok

    im look for penhouse it 3 guys have a good time. i want it to have at least a jacuzzi and sauna on the roof so i real want a big roof patio 3br 2 bth is fine. we just looking to have fun and get to know colombia

    but im colombian and have been there many time so i know my way around for those how think they can take attvantage of tourest no

    i just need help with the place el poblado or envgado is cool or any nice nupscale please is goood please let me know

  10. I’m planning to stay 2 months in Medellin and need a place to crash, do you know if there are any rooms available?

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