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Laura Echavarria

Paisa Perspective: Laura Echavarria – Fashion Blogger

Laura Echavarria is the talented fashion blogger behind, a bilingual English/Spanish blog where she shares her fashion and travel advice.

Paisa Perspective: Eduardo González – Musician

Ximena interviews Eduardo González of Puerto Candelaria to talk about the band, what they like to do, and the growing music scene in Colombia.
Claudia Márquez Cadavid

Paisa Perspective: Claudia Márquez Cadavid – The First Lady

Get to know Claudia Márquez Cadavid, The First Lady of Medellín, through the latest installment of our Paisa Perspective interview series.
Johanna Logreira

Paisa Perspective: Johanna Logreira – Designer

Johanna Logreira is an industrial designer from Medellín and an avid ambassador of creativity in every shape it may come.

Paisa Perspective: Frank Martínez – Comic

Frank Martínez, a stand-up comedian from Medellín, shares his perspective on the city, including some of his favorite places to eat and hang out.

Paisa Perspective: Fernando Jaramillo – Writer

Fernando Jaramillo, paisa winner of national writing contest, tells Medellin Living what he loves about the city.
Mónica Zuluaga

Paisa Perspective: Mónica Zuluaga – Singer

Mónica Zuluaga is a lawyer and singer-songwriter from Medellín. She's a self-described romantic, and her songs touch on emotions like love and sadness.
Carmen Angel

Paisa Perspective: Carmen Angel – Chef

Carmen Angel, chef and co-owner of Carmen and Humo restaurants, shares her favorite things to do and see in Medellín.

Cultural Differences Between Paisas and Americans

While the U.S and Colombia may share the same land mass (albeit 2,622 miles apart), they can certainly feel like totally separate worlds. Differences...

Narcos: A Colombian Perspective on the New Netflix Series

Following the premiere of the new Netflix series "Narcos," based on the rise of Pablo Escobar, Ximena shares a Colombian perspective in her review.