San Javier: The Struggle for Urban Renewal in Comuna 13

San Javier (Comuna 13) is a mostly residential, lower income area occupying the hills at the western edge of Medellín, Colombia.

Buenos Aires: Underrated and Undiscovered

Ryan explores Buenos Aires, a comuna just east of downtown Medellin.

Guayabal: Transportation Hub and Tango in Southern Medellin

Guayabal is a comuna in southwestern Medellin. Main points of interest include the city’s domestic airport, southern bus terminal and zoo.

Envigado: From Pablo Escobar to Trendy Suburb

Envigado has got great nightlife and restaurants, beautiful parks, charming people and neighborhoods, and, according to Dave, the best Christmas lights.

La América: An Underrated Medellín Community

La América, a mostly residential area, is a middle-class oasis with friendly people, good local food and a handful of places that are fun to hang out.

Laureles / Estadio: The Next Poblado

The comuna of Laureles / Estadio is an up-and-coming district in Medellin, featuring affordable housing, diverse restaurants, and plenty of nightlife.

La Estrella Travel Guide

La Estrella is a pueblo at the southern end of the Medellin metro system, popular with nature lovers looking to explore Reserva El Romeral.

Belén: Medellín’s Most Well-Rounded Community

Belén is a working-class community just west of the Medellín River. It’s home to Pueblito Paisa and a popular nightlife district on Calle 33.

Sabaneta Travel Guide: Where to Eat, Drink, and Party

In this Sabaneta travel guide, Dave shares tips for how to make the most of your visit to Sabaneta, including restaurant and nightlife recommendations.

The Best Neighborhoods in Medellín

Editor’s note: This article is out-of-date and it has several inaccuracies so it was updated in October 2016, which is found here. Expats looking for a place to live in Medellín almost always drift to the same place: Poblado. It’s a great place to live, no doubt, because of all the great bars and clubs, […]