Grupo Niche – Cali Pachanguero


Grupo Niche is a popular salsa group from Colombia, and Cali Pachanguero is one of their classics.

You’re likely to hear this song play in just about any salsa club around the world, and for good reason — it’s catchy, high energy, and loads of fun for dancing.

My favorite moment in the song is when the music changes around the 4-minute mark.

The song itself is all about how the city of Cali rocks.  You can get a feel for the meaning behind the song with these roughly translated English lyrics.

It’s also worth noting that many people recognize Cali, Colombia as the salsa capital of the world!

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  1. What a catchy tune…I’m hooked… Thanks for including the lyrics as well. This actually jives with my new practice of listening to Colombian music to learn Spanish.

    After listening to this song, I’ve got to know… is Cali worth visiting??

    • Hey Ryan, glad you liked it. Ironically, after 4 nights in Cali itself, I’ve yet to hear the song. jaja

      And I’ve started looking at song lyrics more as well…to improve my Spanish.

  2. I lived in Cali for 8 months and it’s definitely worth visiting. If you go to Tin Tin Deo or Don Ever on a Fri you will hear it.