The Two Escobars: Andrés Escobar’s Vision of Colombia Thrives, 20 Years Later

Ryan tells us about “The Two Escobars,” a documentary about fútbol star Andres Escobar and his hopes for his country during a time of great struggle.

2014 Liga Postobon Semifinal: Atlético Nacional v. Santafe

The 2014 Liga Postobon Semifinal saw Medellín’s Atlético Nacional beat Bogotá’s Independiente Santafe 2-0 to advance to the finals against Junior.

La Familia Naranja (Los Gringos de Envigado FC)

La Familia Naranja (Los Gringos de Envigado FC) is a soccer fan club created by foreigners to build local support for the Envigado FC soccer team.

Medellín Events: September 2013

September is the beginning of the low season, but there are still a couple of big events, including Beyonce in concert, and the annual jazz festival.

Medellín Events: June 2013

Upcoming concerts, festivals, and theatrical events for the city of Medellin, Colombia in June 2013.

Beating Bogotá: Nacional 2, Millonarios 1

The camera held the evidence, the photos and the video that would prove whether I had witnessed Nacional topple Millonarios in a fútbol game this week. Photo of my friends and I celebrating the win? Check. Photo of a kid waving a Nacional flag to show his pride? Check. Video of the diehard Nacional fans […]

FIFA U-20 World Cup Colombia 2011

I happened to be watching TV at a Colombian friend’s house one night last month when the live drawing occurred for the 2011 FIFA U-20 World Cup Colombia. This is one of the biggest soccer tournaments in the world, because as we all know, the superstars of the sport often start at a very young […]

My First Soccer Game

When I told my friend Ryan that I was going to Colombia, he made me promise that I would go to a Soccer game while I was here. I know that he was secretly hoping to make me as big of a soccer fan as he is, and I’m pretty sure he’s on to something. […]

Colombia v. Peru – Medellin’s First World Cup Qualifier

Last week, Medellin had the privilege to host its first World Cup qualifying match, ever! The opponent was the rather weak Peru, and despite Colombia’s low standing in its group, the paisa fans came out in full strength to support the home team. I met up with Sirley at the Estadio metro, surprised to see […]

World Cup Qualifier: Colombia v. Argentina

Saturday’s main event for me and the majority of the Colombian and Argentine population was the World Cup qualifier match between the two countries. Colombia was a big time underdog. I took a cab to Parque Lleras, where I found the bars and restaurants screening the match had decorated with red, yellow and blue balloons […]