Monday, August 15, 2022
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Las Leyendas Vivas De La Canción

Enjoy a mix of tropical dance music at Las Leyendas Vivas de la Canción.  

360 Grados Sinfonico

Andres Cepeda, Santiago Cruz and Juan Fernando Velasco highlight a concert of Latin pop music.

Shamrock Bar Game Night

Every Thursday, the staff and visitors to the Shamrock want to challenge you to games of beer pong, darts, flip cup and foosball. Winners get...

Shamrock Grand Reopening

Join Albert, Andy and the rest of the staff here for a great night of fun and drink specials: - 2 for 1 Cuba libres -...

Buenos Aires: Underrated and Undiscovered

Ryan explores Buenos Aires, a comuna just east of downtown Medellin.

Carnaval de Negros y Blancos in Pasto

PASTO — The bus rolled into town when Friday was only 3 hours old and the city was quiet, at least my part of...

Feria de Cali: Celebration, Salsa and So Much More

CALI — Giuseppe got overzealous with the spray foam. He hit a little kid in the face. He felt bad and apologized. He didn’t realize...

2017 Update: The Best Hostels in Medellín

Ryan shares his picks for the best hostels in Medellín, including Happy Buddha Boutique Hostel and popular stops such as Casa Kiwi as well.

Carmen: A Fun, Friendly Town in Colombia

Walk down Carrera 30 in El Carmen de Viboral, toward Parque Principal, and look to your right after you pass Calle 32. Look for...

My Goodbye Party At La Rumbantela

The festivities of the Salsa Congress concluded, I spent the next few nights seeing friends for the last time - going out to dinner...