Tony Dize Ft Plan B – Solos

Skip to the 40-second mark to start Solos, a popular reggaeton song by Tony Dize featuring Plan B.

An Afternoon of Hardcore at Libido Bar

When I think of Carrera 70, I think of a street filled with salsa joints, however Libido Bar offers up anything but your typical Colombian crossover music. On a Saturday afternoon back in August, Troy and I joined Robert Rose of Punk Outlaw for a trip down to Libido Bar. After exiting the taxi, we […]

Enrique Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra – Cuando Me Enamoro

With close to 35 million views on YouTube so far, I’m not the only one listening to Cuando Me Enamoro, a romantic song by Enrique Iglesias and Juan Luis Guerra. Spanish and English lyrics

Don Tetto – Adicto al Dolor

Don Tetto is a punk band from Bogotá, and they have a bunch of awesome songs I listen to regularly, “Adicto al Dolor” being one of them. They remind me a lot of the bands I use to listen to when I was younger, like New Found Glory, Sum 41, and anyone on the Fat […]

Chino y Nacho – Niña Bonita

When I arrived in Cartagena a few months ago, one of the first songs I started hearing was Nina Bonita by Chino y Nacho, a Venezuelan pop duo. The style of song is squarely aimed at teeny-boppers, but as often is the case, it’s so catchy it’s hard not to enjoy. The title “Nina Bonita” […]

Grupo Niche – Cali Pachanguero

Grupo Niche is a popular salsa group from Colombia, and Cali Pachanguero is one of their classics. You’re likely to hear this song play in just about any salsa club around the world, and for good reason — it’s catchy, high energy, and loads of fun for dancing. My favorite moment in the song is […]

Aventura – Dile Al Amor

I don’t recall hearing a lot of Bachata music while I was living in Medellin last year, however I’d hear it every night I went out dancing back in the Washington, DC area.  Aventura’s Dile Al Amor was one track I heard without fail. Bachata is a slow, sensual dance, and most of the songs […]

Video: Luis Enrique – Yo No Se Manana

When I landed in Cartagena at the end of June, Yo No Se Manana by Luis Enrique was one of the first songs I heard around town.  Catchy beyond belief, I soon found myself watching this video on YouTube regularly. Early on, someone had told me he was from Colombia, however while checking his Wikipedia page, […]

Video: Daddy Yankee – Que Tengo, Que Hacer

Seeing as I’m heading to the Daddy Yankee concert in Medellin tomorrow night, I’m going to indulge in Que Tengo Que Hacer, one of my favorite songs. In 2009, I heard Llamado De Emergencia everywhere, and that immediately became the song I associated with the Puerto Rican superstar. Once that fervor died down, I began […]

The 14th Annual International Jazz Festival

Despite being Colombia’s second largest city, I still see Medellin as more village than metropolis, however the steady stream of festivals in the city continue to remind me my perspective is over-romanticized. This week, the Medellin international jazz festival is in full swing.  Running from September 2-11, musicians from Italy, Cuba, the United States, Holland, […]