Los Fabulosos Cadillacs – Matador

Hector Lavoe – Todo Poderoso

Hector Lavoe is one of the salsa greats, and you can see him rocking out here in Mexico, circa 1978.

Don Omar ft. Lucenzo – Danza Kudoro

The rhythm of Danza Kuduro by Don Omar (featuring Lucenzo) reminds me more of merengue than reggaeton.

Buñuelos, Natilla & the Music of December

December in Colombia means lots of fireworks, partying, kids and adults on vacation, Christmas lights everywhere, and a few other traditions. Buñuelos are round, deep-fried cheese fritters.  They’re akin to a soft, slightly salty doughnut.  If a platter is set in front of me, as occurred at Ana’s apartment during a party a few weeks […]

Juanes – La Camisa Negra

It’s been awhile since I posted a video from Medellin’s home town rock star, Juanes. La Camisa Negra is one of his biggest hits, and according to the English lyrics, the song is about a guy wearing a black shirt to mourn a lost love.

Willie Colon – Talento de Television

I’d heard Talento de Television countless times in bars and salsa clubs, but it wasn’t until Thanksgiving Day a few weeks ago that I finally discovered the singer and title by accident while loading up salsa songs by Willie Colon on the The Art House computer. The upbeat rhythm makes it a lot of fun […]

Cosculluela ft. Wisin y Yandel – Prrrrum

This reggaeton song was being played everywhere when I arrived in Colombia this year. The original version is above, but it’s the official remix by Wisin y Yandel (below) that was getting play in the clubs and on the radio. It’s A LOT better.

Los Rodriguez w/Andres Calamaro – Sin Documentos

In 2009, I discovered Andres Calmaro thanks to “Hace Calor“, but I didn’t think much of him, as that song reminded me of Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achey Breaky Heart.” In 2010, I discovered Calamaro use to be a part of the group Los Rodriguez, and that both him as a solo artist (Hace Calor aside) […]

Oscar D’Leon – Lloraras

I recently made a mix CD to use during my salsa lessons, and Oscar D’Leon’s “LLoraras” is one of the 10 songs I burned. It gets regular play in salsa bars and clubs, so it makes sense to get a feel for the proper rhythm with my teacher. It’s one of the many songs I […]

Silvestre Dangond In Concert – La Tartamuda

Silvestre Dangond is a Colombian vallanato singer, and I’m a huge fan of his catchy songs. He’s playing a concert tonight (November 5, 2010) in Medellin at Palmahia.