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San Javier: Safety, History & Demographics (2019 Update)

San Javier (Comuna 13) is a mostly residential, lower income area occupying the hills at the western edge of Medellín, Colombia.

Guide to the Medellín Metro (2019 Update)

Following on from our Metro guide, here's extra updated information and tips for Medelliín transport 2019: Peak hours Considering how hundreds of thousands of people take...

Comprehensive Guide to the Medellín Metro – Colombia’s Only Metro System

The Medellín Metro is the only rail-based metro system in Colombia. This is a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to the Medellín Metro system.

Night and Day in Comuna Popular

The Santo Domingo Salvo neighborhood in Comuna 1 (Popular) was one of the most dangerous parts of Medellín, until the arrival of the Metrocable.

Parque Arví: Discovering the Flora, Fauna, and History of Santa Elena

Parque Arví is an eco-reserve located in Santa Elena. It's easily accessible from Medellin via the metro and metrocable system.