Friday, October 21, 2022
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Things to Do in Medellín on Sundays

 Sundays are a family day in Colombia – traditionally spent at church, sharing a meal and spending quality time together. As a foreigner however,...

Your Organic Guide to Medellín

My time in Colombia has naturally been spent sampling all the local food. After all, to get a taste of a country, you need...

Mercados Campesinos Medellín: Supporting Local Farmers and Entrepreneurs

Each Sunday in Parque La Presidenta in El Poblado, you can buy fresh produce and other goods direct from local farmers at Mercados Campesinos Medellín.

Parque Lineal La Presidenta: A Green Space in Poblado

Parque Lineal La Presidenta is a pleasant spot of green space in Poblado which is home to a great farmers market on Sundays.

Plaza Minorista: A Farmer’s Market in El Centro

Ryan explores Plaza Minorista, a farmer's market in downtown Medellin full of fresh meat and produce.