Book and Culture Festival

Medellin’s annual Book and Culture Festival (Fiesta del Libro y La Cultura) is currently running from September 10th through the 19th in the botanical gardens (El Jardin Botanico de Medellin). Entry is free, and the easiest way to get there is to take the metro to the Universidad station. One of my new Colombian friends, […]

Daddy Yankee in Concert – September 11

Update: Soon after publishing this post, the concert was canceled. I heard two different reasons.  First, the Ticket Express girl who sold me the tickets said that it was due to poor sales.  Second, a friend said he read an article online that indicated tickets were being sold to minors for a venue that sells […]

The 14th Annual International Jazz Festival

Despite being Colombia’s second largest city, I still see Medellin as more village than metropolis, however the steady stream of festivals in the city continue to remind me my perspective is over-romanticized. This week, the Medellin international jazz festival is in full swing.  Running from September 2-11, musicians from Italy, Cuba, the United States, Holland, […]

Kicking off Medellin’s Feria de las Flores

Every year around this time Medellin, the “City of Eternal Spring”, explodes into a colorful and vibrant week-long celebration. La Feria de las Flores, the Flower Festival, honors the regions flower industry, one of the largest suppliers in the world. The festival, which has been alive for over five decades, delivers all sorts of entertainment […]


AltaVoz is an annual music festival in Medellin. The festival is three days long and hosts artist from around the world from a variety of different genres. This years show had almost 40 different bands. I am still kind of kicking myself for missing the first day of the event. It was a day of […]

Video – Daddy Yankee In Concert

As I was looking for a video to feature today, I realized I’d been posting mp3’s in the past, when I probably could’ve found videos instead, AND been preserving storage space on my web hosting account to boot!  So, I’ll be scouting out music videos and concert performances instead of uploading mp3’s going forward. This […]