Sushi Market: Fresh Sushi Near El Tesoro Mall

Sushi and nigiri at Sushi Market
Sushi and nigiri at Sushi Market
Sushi and nigiri at Sushi Market
Sushi and nigiri at Sushi Market

What Medellin lacks in authentic ethnic restaurants, it makes up for with sushi. And thank heaven for that, because being a Latin city in the mountains doesn’t normally bode well for fresh seafood.

Last August, my quest for the city’s best sushi lead me to a paisa friend’s recommendation, Sushi Market, perched high up in the hills of Poblado, near the El Tesoro Mall.

The restaurant is located above a Subway. It’s not as large as Sushi Light, nor does it feature the conveyor belt of Sushi Train, but it does have a cute interior decor, complete with cartoonish seafood characters.

Not being use to the menu, I flopped my order, and ended up with two deep-fried rolls, heavy on the sauces.

In addition to the salmon nigiri, I got the 4-piece Coco Roll which includes salmon, cream cheese, avocado, and a drizzle of three different house sauces.

I also ordered the 6-piece Dragon Roll, with salmon, crab, eel, and cream cheese, also topped with a sauce of some sort.

Despite my concern, both rolls turned out to taste pretty good. And as you may be able to tell from the photo above, the salmon nigiri was fresh, with a nice orange color.

Sushi bar
Sushi bar, featuring a live video feed of the chef making sushi

The restaurant’s sushi bar has enough room for 5 patrons, and there’s a nearby TV displaying a live feed of the sushi being made.

In terms of cost, Sushi Market is on par with the other restaurants.

A basic 10-piece salmon roll costs 15,900 pesos ($8.71), 2-piece salmon nigiri is 8,000 pesos ($4.38), and 2-piece salmon sashimi is 14,900 pesos ($8.16).

Sushi Market is a good option if you live near the El Tesoro Mall, but with sushi widely available further down the mountain, around Parque Lleras and in the malls along Avenida Poblado, there’s no need to go out of your way for it.

2014 Update: Sushi Market now has 5 locations, including one in Laureles.

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