Si No Lo Contesto – Plan B ft. Tony Dize, Zion y Lennox


Si No Le Contesto by Plan B has been on regular rotation in all the Medellin discotecas I’ve been to…since last year!  Fun song to dance to, but then again, so are most reggaeton hits.

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  1. Haha this was my JAM back in Medellin! I’m still listening to it now in New York. And funny enough, but I’ve been hearing Danza Kuduro at least once a week randomly throughout the city.

    Hope you’re doing well Dave. How’s the Colombian life been for you as of late?

    • Hey Jaemin, good to hear from you. I’ve been well, spent a few weeks around Santa Marta in June.

      Unfortunately after getting back to Medellin, I was then robbed of my phone and passport in broad daylight. A little too much excitement for me.

      I remember reading you ran into some trouble on La 70…..was sorry to hear that, but it seemed like you handled it well.