Photo of the Week

My office is a laptop
My office is a laptop

I think this photo sums up my view of the world for 3-4 hours per day, 6 days per week.

It is the fancy, modern laptop I use at the copy shop across the Las Vegas Avenue entrance to EAFIT.

A large screen makes blog design possible, and the touchpad is very responsive.

Even though it costs me about 75 cents per hour to use when there are other places internet access is free, I keep going back.

The laptop station is basically part of the open air design of the whole store, which means I can enjoy the Spring like temperatures.

For the record, trying to earn a living and develop blogs without access to your own computer is doable but not ideal.

My USB stick with portable and customized Firefox, Flickr, and Filezilla (FTP) applications is my best friend in this regard.

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