Namasté Tea Shop

Namaste Tea Shop
Namaste Tea Shop
Namasté tea shop
Namasté tea shop

[L]ong before I began drinking coffee in Medellin, I was a tea drinker.

Green tea, white tea, mint tea, milk tea, chai.

I loved them all, and being able to shop for tea in China, sample my first milk tea in Kathmandu, and tour plantations in Darjeeling were all wonderful experiences my recent travels have allowed.

My arrival in Colombia marked a change in my drinking habits. Whereas in the past, I’d only taken coffee occasionally, at the end of a nice dinner, or in social situations, I began to drink a cup each morning. Juan Valdez of course.

In a country dedicated to coffee cultivation, it was therefore a nice surprise to happen across Namasté, a cute little tea shop in Poblado.

Tea pots and cups for sale
Tea pots and cups for sale

Namasté sells a variety of loose leaf teas, organized into five, color-coded categories.

The green Origen group includes the classics, such as green, black, and white teas. These are my favorites.

The purple Tropical group includes fruity teas, like strawberry and ginger.

I’ve never been a fan of fruit or most herbal teas, but I recognize some people prefer them, perhaps because the flavor is more apparent, whereas green and white teas tend to be more subtle (which, incidentally, is part of why I prefer them).

The pink Latte group includes chai and chocolate options.

And lastly, the blue Sensation group includes the herbal varieties like lemon and ginger.

Prices range from 280 to 320 pesos per gram.

Quiche and pastries to enjoy with your tea
Quich and pastries to enjoy with your tea

Namasté also offers a selection of sweet and savory pastries, should you want to have a bite to eat while enjoying your tea.

I was on the go, so after seeing and smelling several options, purchased about 50 grams worth of green tea.

It wasn’t until I arrived back at the apartment that I realized I forgot to buy a filter.

Renewing my tea habit would have to wait a little longer.

Sidewalk seating
Sidewalk seating
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  1. When did they open? A couple of years ago I was looking everywhere for a good tea place in Medellín and nobody I spoke to had any information. Once again, Medellin Living has done its job keeping the masses informed!