Medellín Travel Guide: Insider Advice from an American Expat in Colombia

“As the Co-ordinating Author of Lonely Planet Colombia (5th ed.), it is my pleasure to recommend David Lee’s new guidebook to Medellin.”  — Jens Porup

Are you curious about Medellín, Colombia? Planning a trip? The Medellín Travel Guide is just for you.

This ultimate travel guide contains tons of advice for your first trip to the City of the Eternal Spring. Think of it as your key to unlocking the city.

This ebook is 100% original, the culmination of Dave’s years of living in Medellín. Get all three electronic versions (PDF, Kindle, EPUB) for the special price of only $9.95!

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A Personal Note from the Author

Dave and the Davalos TwinsThis travel guide is 100% original, the culmination of all I’ve learned since arriving in Medellín in 2009.

I fell in love with the city instantly and decided to stay and build a life. I set out to write the kind of guide I wish existed back then.

Over the years, I’ve written extensively about Medellín and Colombia, and answered hundreds, if not thousands of questions from curious travelers.

I know the common questions and fears that surround people interested in visiting what was once considered “the most dangerous city in the world.”

It will make planning your visit to Medellín a lot easier, and help ensure you have a safe, fun time.

Whether you’re planning to stay a few days, a few months, or a few years, this guide will help you get the most out of your trip to Medellín, Colombia.

What’s Inside?

The Medellín Travel Guide will help you:

  • Pick the best time of year to visit
  • Understand tourist visas
  • Know how much to budget
  • Travel safely
  • Learn how to get around the city
  • Choose a place to stay
  • Discover the most popular tourist attractions
  • Choose which pueblos to see
  • Eat at the best restaurants
  • Find the hottest nightlife (and girls)

You’ll also find detailed information about:

  • Tips for dating Colombian women and men
  • An introduction to Colombian food and drinks
  • The best shopping malls and movie theaters
  • Where to find a good gym
  • 15 popular parks and plazas
  • The city’s top 5 museums

In addition, the Medellín Travel Guide includes detailed advice for visiting three of the author’s favorite destinations in Colombia, including Cartagena, Parque Tayrona, and Salento and the Valle de Cocora.

Reviews of the Medellín Travel Guide

“…the overriding aspect that makes this a book to buy is the warmth of David Lee as he shares his own experiences – like an old friend who acts as a reliable guide to give you first-hand advice on how to enjoy the City of Eternal Spring.”

— Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Reviewer,

“What I like about it is that it is thorough and well organized, so you can easily find the info you’re looking for. It is also well linked to relevant posts on his blog, so you can check them out for further explanation and details of what he covers.”

— Ryan Moorhead, Travel Blogger,

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P.S. – If the book does not meet your expectations, I’m happy to offer a full refund up to 30 days from the purchase date. Contact me here.


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