La Tortura by Shakira Featuring Alejandro Sanz


When I first arrived in Colombia, Shakira was the only musician I knew from the country (Barranquilla).  I’d always be asking people whether they liked her or not.  Responses varied from yes, to just her old stuff, to she hasn’t given enough back to the country since gaining fame.  I think La Tortura by Shakira, featuring Alejandro Sanz (who I am also a fan of now) is one of the first songs in Spanish where I didn’t understand the lyrics, but enjoyed listening to it nonetheless.

Now, that attitude is the norm for me, and I can appreciate how those around the world who may not speak English, can enjoy all the great music that is made here in the USA.  Michael Jackson’s worldwide fame back in the 80’s is the perfect example of how good music can cross language barriers.

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