La Fragata: Fresh Seafood in a Romantic Setting

Entrance to La Fragata
Entrance to La Fragata
Entrance to La Fragata
Entrance to La Fragata

La Fragata is easily one of Medellin’s top seafood restaurants. Located in Hotel Park 10, it’s an easy 5-7 minute walk from Parque Lleras.

During my first week back in Medellin, I stopped by La Fragata for a relaxing lunch on their outdoor, garden terrace.

As you’d expect, given the name and the giant anchor outside the front door, there is a nautical theme throughout the interior.

Garden terrace at La Frigata
View from my table in the outdoor garden terrace

From my table, I had a view of a model ship, which acted as a partition between the bar from the outdoor dining area.

The menu is extensive, which impressed me given I’ve been eating a lot of seafood in the past year, from Lima and the coast of Chile, to the beaches of Uruguay and southern tip of Argentina.

Crab soup
Crab soup

The sea bass ceviche was a tempting starter, but I opted for the crab bisque. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available, so I went with regular crab soup.

I think the difference had to do with the consistency, with a bisque being a cream of crab, versus the soup, which had a thinner base with shredded crab meat.

The soup was served in a piping hot metal bowl. It took a few minutes for it to cool down enough for me to eat.

Trucha a la Plancha (Grilled Rainbow Trout)
Trucha a la Plancha (Grilled Rainbow Trout) with fries

Choosing a main dish was a lot harder. There were so many appealing options, including ten different preparations of gulf shrimp, lobster, shellfish, stews, pastas, and even a few steak and chicken offerings.

But who orders steak at a seafood restaurant?

I went with the grilled trucha a la planca (rainbow trout), which was perfectly cooked, and full of flavor.

The bones were small enough to not be a distraction. I ended up eating most of them. The french fries were a simple side, but always welcome.

A tiramisu-like dessert

By the time I finished the trout, I was full, so I ordered a tiramisu-like chocolate dessert to go.

A few hours later, I ate it back at the apartment.

It was quite good, and looking at the photo of it above makes me want to go back for more!

The formal dining room at La Frigata
The formal dining room at La Frigata

La Frigata also features a more formal dining room for larger parties, or a warmer setting in the evenings.

But, I think the outdoor terrace, lined with plants, and covered by a wooden roof, is far more romantic a setting to bring a date.

Have you eaten at La Fragata? Let us know in the Comments.

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  1. Looks yummy! Colombia has gotten a bad rap for years. It’s nice to see what Colombia is really like. I can’t wait to visit next year! 🙂