It’s Always Sunny In Envigado


It seems like my life in Medellin takes a new turn every time I blink.  After almost three months of (not very intense) job searching I finally have a job that will keep me securely in Medellin for as long as I want to stay.  I had decided after the first month that I didn’t really want to teach English.  I had seen how flaky the students and the institutes can be, and I knew that I could find something that fit me better.

I found a company on one of the job sites I had listed here.  The interview with the company went well, but they didn’t have a position for me right away.  I waited about three weeks before they finally had something for me.  I am now working with an outsourcing company that does appointment setting and customer service for a handful of companies in the United States and Canada.  I really lucked out by getting in with a fairly new company that is growing super fast.  I’ve already gotten a promotion and a raise, with another raise coming before the end of the year.  Pretty lucky for me.  I will be working on getting a visa next month, and I’ll let you guys know how that goes.  I’m glad that I should be done with the DAS office for good!

I’ve also had to move yet again.  I’m still in Envigado.  I’ve lived in three different apartments in two different neighborhoods here, and I’m still completely loving it.  I am pretty convinced this is the best place to live in Medellin.  I am in the part of Envigado called La Magnolia.  It’s super safe.  I’ve walked from my friend’s house completely drunk at 2am and had no reason to be worried about anyone bothering me.  It’s a lively place, that is still quite enough at night to sleep soundly.  It’s a quick bus ride over to El Poblado or to the Metro, and you can get everything within walking distance.

Post by Holly. Currently living in Medellin, Holly is getting to know the Colombian culture through music, language, and base jumping!

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I love relaxing and enjoying the view of life. Whether the view is from the top of a BASE object, or from my balcony in Envigado, Colombia. I love life when it's up, and I'm trying harder to love life when it's down as well. My biggest loves in life are (in order!) Family, BASE, Music, Boys that play music, and Alcohol. I get along with everyone that doesn't take me too seriously, and with people that are ok with the fact that you should disregard almost anything I say when I'm drunk!



  1. Nice blog. Medellin is my favorite place to travel to when I vacation. It is surrounded by breathtaking mountains and is known as the city of eternal spring. I don’t know more about Envigado but I can tell how happy you are living there. To me, Medellin is diversified in all senses. Rich in color, sites, varying neighborhoods and economies – this is a complex and fascinating city that takes time to get to know. Thanks for the great post, Holly.

    • I enjoyed 5.5 months in Medellin and Envigado earlier this year, and it’s so great to see Holly having a good time there as well.

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting on her post.

  2. Hi Holly nice blog, this i my first visit and i love it because i’m from colombia more exactly Envigado where u live right now, i was reading when i see than u live in la magnolia this is my neighborhood you have the reason is a safe place i love it, whole my friends live there, i live right now in west orange, new jersey.

    I hope u enjoy, whole Antioquia is a paradise, if u wanna know somenthing, write me whole my life is over there.

    Have fun and now u have a new follower, a Envigadeno follower. take care.

    • Hi Jonathan,

      I enjoyed living in Envigado earlier in 2009. Beautiful town, and I miss it quite a bit. I’m back home near Washington, DC, but isn’t it great to have Holly sharing her experiences from Colombia? Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Holly,

    Thanks for all of the information. I’m thinking of moving to Medellin in January. I’m American but have lived in Santiago, Chile teaching english the last two years…currently in Bangkok teaching english but having a hard time meeting people as 99% of foreigners are men and only into Thai girls…my concern is most of the blogs about Medellin talk about the girls and how there seems to be an overabundance of them in Medellin but there isn’t any info about the men??? I really like latin men and heard that Columbian men are really nice. Can you give me any info or advice about your dating experience or men you’ve met in Medellin? I’ve heard this situation is great in Bogota but I quite prefer the weather in Medellin. What do you think? Would be great to hear your opinion!

    Thanks so much,
    Abigail 🙂

    • Abigail, Holly is no longer writing for my Medellin blog, but you’re in luck because Jessica (NY) is and she’s been dating a Colombian guy from Medellin. Hmm….I’ll see if she can respond to your comment here.

        • Hi Abigail,

          Please write to me at with any questions you have. I am dating one man from Colombia and he is very different than many of the men I have met here and his friends have also commented how he is not a typical paisa. So, it will be difficult for me to generalize about Colombian men but if you have any specific questions I will be more than happy to answer them. I prefer not to talk about it in a public space since what I will say is only based on my personal experience or what I have heard from others and for sure does not target all the men here.

          Hope to hear from you

  4. Hey!

    this is great to hear that this is all possible. I am in a very similar situation. Living in Envigado, really loving it, want to stay.. looking for a job. Would you be able to give me some more words of wisdom on how to go about doing this? I saw the sites that you posted but am having a hard time navigating them. (still just learning spanish)

    thanks for your time!