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In order to stay in Colombia for longer than the tourist visa, which is a maximum six months, I have been looking for a job in Medellin so I can get a work visa.

As I understand it, work visas are obtained by first getting a contract from the company you intend to work for.  Once you have the contract, you must apply for the visa outside of Colombia, and then enter Colombia again under the new work visa.  I believe the visa is valid for as long as your work contract.  Of course I will give all the dirty details once I am that far along.

Right now, I have been keeping my job search very open ended.  I’ve been looking for almost any position that doesn’t require me to speak Spanish.  This is very difficult, but not impossible.  Most people have directed me to look for jobs teaching English.  I have found two job sites for Colombia that have provided me with a few leads.

The first is  This site can be a bit hard to navigate without knowing any Spanish, as it does not translate with a web based translation service.  The jobs posted, however, are of good quality.

The second is  This site is a little easier to use.  The jobs posted range greatly in quality.  There is everything from telemarketing to established medical supply companies.

Overall, I’ve found the job prospects much higher than I originally expected, and I’m confident I will have a work visa long before my six months runs out.

2013 Update: Another, newer website, with job listings is Empleo en Colombia.

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  1. Hi Holly,

    I will soon be in the same position as you. Im moving from New Zealand to Medellin in Sept. Just wondering did you have a show an airline ticket out of Colombia when you entered on a tourist permit?



    • Don McDermott says:

      bin here 15 months, never had to show any ticket at airport, can’t remember at Dian for visa extension if they asked, I don’t think so!

    • Yoann Nivard says:

      Guys, this new website have some great working experience in Medellin. They are actually offering paid internships which is a great way to get a job in Medellin. The website is YN.

  2. Nope, I never hade a return flight, and I had absolutely no issues. I have heard that having a return flight that is more than 60 days after your entry will give you very good chances of getting the 90 day visa, instead of the typical 60 days, which could be worth it to you.

  3. Juan Esteban says:

    Hey guys my name is Juan Esteban and I recently found this great website and I think is a really good tool to share ideas in “how to live in medellin.” I’m officially from Medellin, colombia but I’, currently living in the U.S and I’m thinking to moving back in approximately 2 years or less so I wanted to know any resources on how to find a job on the I.T. industry. I\’m currently working as a software Storage Engineer seeking for a job that will pay me a decent amount of money.

  4. Roger Velasco says:

    Hi there,

    im in the same situation. I came from Canada but i have my colombian papers.
    I am fully tri-lingual and looking for a job to hopefully be here a while.
    I was thinking of working using my languages but no luck. my exerience is I.T.

  5. Hey, in right now in Medellin searching for IT job here on one of the companies, some one can help me where i can start search?

  6. I am learning Spanish, would like to retire in Medellin. Anyone know about employment in the medical field? I’m a registered vascular ultrasound (and also xray) tech with 15+ years in OB-GYN, abdomen, vascular, and also ultrasound equipment sales and demonstrations. I don’t expect the same pay as in the USA. I’ve also done volunteer mobile work in indigent poor neighborhoods, the outback, etc. thanks. Gary

    • Dear Mr. Gary:

      I know a couple of nursing assistants who trained in some hospitals. I could ask them. You could look at jobs at:

      Once you find a job you like you can copy the email address and send them an email. You should create a cover letter in Spanish so that they understand what you are trying to do. I provide a translating service that can translate your cover letter (or letters) so that they are correct. There is software that do translations, but those are not perfect. Those translations need further work to make them be correct, not machine translations that normally will have a lot of mistakes. The service does English-Spanish translations and can translate resumes. There is the possibility that it will also do Chinese-English translations.



  7. Hi All,
    Hope you all are doing great. my name is Karthik from India, I have a girl friend who is Colombian, i am marrying her in march. my question is how long will it take for me to get work permit if i marry a Colombian citizen and what are the formalities ? Can any one give me the best advise ?

  8. Hi everybody:

    I recommend to foreigners who live in Colombia to look for jobs from developed countries but that can be done at home. There are jobs that involve working at a call center, but those normally do not pay much. One of the jobs that can be done at home are programming and website design jobs. I might need to hire some programmers in the near future, especially the ones experienced in C++ or in .Net. Preferably with experience in text editors. I might start a job board too and people who sent me their resumes will/may be asked if they want to be helped in getting a job. There is also the possibilty that I might need language teachers since I am gathering a group for a language school. People interested in working with me or for me or for others may send me their resumes for consideration.


  9. anthony west says:

    i was think about moving too columbia at the end of the year im in the united states navy currently doing construction my spanish not that great but ive been studying and my fiance is curretly down there know if someone could give me some info i would be grateful

  10. Yoann Nivard says:

    Hi guys, I really like this blog. I did my internship within an web agency in Medellin. It was an excellent 6 month experience. I learnt a lot about SEO, SEM, Social Network. People in Medellin are so friendly and always happy, the weather is excellent, I love the dance culture (salsa, merengue, reggeaton…). Plus, Girls from Medellin are really beautiful.. I would like to share with you guys an exciting and innovative project, Internships Colombia ( This program offers Internships to English speaking students in Colombia. Internships are initially offered in Medellin. Hope this information will help you guys. Have a good one.

  11. Hey guys

    Have just got to Medellin. An wanting to work here. I’m a professional photography in all areas. And also an artist. I can also teach English too.

    Any ideas will help alot.


    • Dear Mr. David:

      I am glad you are here and wanting to work. I have a modeling website and could work with you on some photography projects. I also glad that you are an artitst. Is it painter? I promote the work of artists such as painters, sculptors, singers, dancers, etc. I can also guide you in regards to jobs related to teaching English. I taught English at a high end elementary school and my brother has contacts in language schools from his work as a teacher in the past.

      You can contact me so that we could make plans to meet and get some things going.

      Cesar Pachon
      USA phone: (818) 26-0481

      • My phone number is (818) 206-0481. The zero in my numeric keypad is not working.


        • Hey Cesar

          Thank you for your reply, Iv got your number now, when is good to contact you?

          Yes i do Paintings and street morals also.


          • My number here is (300) 348 4381, Cant call out for some reason.


          • You can call me from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and at night on the weekends. I am also here Saturday and Sunday morning until around 1 p.m., but might have the phone disconnected. I will be on the Internet though.


          • Calls are still not going through, is it possible to call me, im very interested in more information you my have.


          • I have been out for the last two days doing errands, but I am back and will be here for another 2.5 to 3 hours, until about 5:30 p.m. on Friday.


  12. Nathalia says:

    Hi everyone,

    I really like this blog. I am currently in Holland, finishing my studies and I am moving to Medellin in august. My mother is from Medellin and I was born in Curacao. I love love this city.

    I am bilingual, I can speak Spanish, English, Dutch and French. I really want to get a job in a company where they speak spanish and english. I have allot of experience in customer service. Could somebody help me out.


    • Dear Ms. Natalia:

      I am glad that you love Medellin and want to come. I love it here too and offer my help.


      Cesar Pachon
      USA phone: (818) 206-0481

      • Nathalia says:

        Dear Cesar,

        I just bought my ticket to Medellin, and will be arriving end of august. Could you send me you e-mail. I am very interested in finding a job as soon as possible, and I hope you can help me with that.


  13. Hi everyone, I’ve just found this blog online and it seems I may be able to get some good help here. I am 28, from the UK and I have nearly 5 years working experience in IT sales and I am looking to stay for a while in Medellin and look for employment whilst there. Can anyone help? I have been learning Spanish nearly 3 years now and looking ideally for a job where the I can use both languages. Any help would be great, I am currently in Cartagena and will arrive in Medellin within the next week or so.

    Thanks John

  14. hello every body my name is bryan ive been in colombia for a year ive been looking for a job that i could use my english but nothing has showed up i just finished high school can somone help me out

  15. Hi guys, I was navigating the internet and I found this fantastic blog, my name is Diego, I used to work for an American Cruise Line for almost 13 yrs and now I am based in Medellin, I bought a mini van and that is what I am doing now, moving people where ever they want, airport, city and villages tours for a very cheap rates. Hope I can help any of you once you arrive in Medellin, city of the eternal spring….

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