Home Alone – Colombian Edition


University students are on summer break, which means Maira has left Medellin to spend a few weeks in her home town of Cucuta near the Venezuelan border.  Jamie, the English guy who took Martin’s place 10 days ago is about to start traveling again in a few days.

What does this mean for me?

I have the apartment to myself for the next few weeks!

Oddly, the idea is actually a bit unsettling.  After living in hostels and hotels for a year and a half, and then having roommates whose company I’ve enjoyed and appreciated for another few months, the thought of living in a quiet apartment seems less than ideal.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved living along for the 5 years or so before I left the USA, but maybe something has changed with me after all the traveling I’ve done.  I grew accustomed to always having another traveler, and potential friend, within arms reach if I wanted to make the effort.

Maybe I’ll host a dinner party.  Or a salsa practice.  Movie night anyone?

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