Glacée: An Ice Cream Sandwich Parlor

Ice cream sandwiches by Glacée
Ice cream sandwiches by Glacée

I have always wondered what was inside this funky looking facade just up from Parque Lleras.

There are modern tables and stylish chairs with plants behind an aggressive yet stylish looking brown grilled front.

It looks cool in a quirky way. Like an old warehouse converted into an upscale restaurant. So when my friend suggested we go for an ice cream and we entered into said grilled front, I was slightly surprised.


It turns out, the quirky place is an ice cream sandwich parlor called Glacée.

It was created around the idea that you build your own ice cream sandwich for 6,500 pesos ($2.60), with additional toppings valued at 1,000 pesos ($0.40) apiece.

You select your base of either cookies or waffles, pick your favorite ice cream, add your toppings (strawberries, almonds, granola, Milo and many more), and then voilà, you have your ice cream sandwich.

It is an ice cream sandwich place, silly
It is an ice cream sandwich place, silly


We went for a combination of waffle top and cookie bottom, and a cheesecake ice cream sprinkled with almonds. It was tasty. Not exactly healthy. Slightly expensive. But worth it.

There is the right mixture of toppings, bases and ice creams from which to choose. It is not the most extensive list, but the idea is quality over quantity.

Surrounded by a multitude of restaurants, there will be many people wandering past looking for something sweet. The only problem is that it doesn’t exactly scream ice cream parlor. Now you know.

There is a phrase in English. Keep it simple and do it well.

Glacée does just that. With pistachios and a bit of panache.

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