Ferro Restaurant: A Parilla to Remember

Entrance to Ferro
Entrance to Ferro

Tucked along a quiet side street, a block from Parque Poblado, Ferro Restaurant has been serving up high quality, imported beef from Argentina and the United States for the last two years.

Purposefully catering to a more sophisticated, adult clientele, the restaurant’s interior offers an intimate atmosphere suitable for any occasion, from business lunches to a night out with friends, or a romantic dinner date.

In the US, we’d call it a steakhouse, but here in South America it’s known as a parilla, a restaurant where grilled meats are served.

Glass door refrigerators in the lobby
Glass door refrigerators

The first thing you notice when stepping inside the restaurant are the cuts of meat on display in three refrigerators to your right.

Ferro prides itself on importing high quality meat, including Certified Angus Beef from the United States, so it makes sense for them to show it off.

The interior decor is industrial, with old scales and gauges hanging on exposed brick walls. The sinks in the restrooms are unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so be sure to excuse yourself at some point to take a quick look.

Diners have several seating areas to choose from, including a few tables on an outdoor patio near the entrance, a section in front of a large wine rack, as well as an outdoor patio in the rear.

I’d contacted Ferro in advance to arrange my visit, therefore one of the head chefs, Santiago Bustanmante had offered me a chance to preview their new menu (which is due to be launched this weekend).

Octopus and potatoes
Octopus and potatoes

Ferro has an extensive wine selection on offer, but I’m not took picky, and as I was dining alone, so I opted for a glass of the house red.

I was first presented with two pieces of soft bread served with an asparagus cream sauce on a cute little wood board with a small metal saw. I always take note of presentation, and the unique cutting board was a detail I appreciated.

Next up was Pulpo a la Gallega, an appetizer off their current menu featuring tender pieces of octopus mixed with cubes of fried potatoes and covered in a red wine reduction sauce.

Octopus isn’t a creature I typically choose on my own, as I’ve had some bad experiences with it in the past, but Ferro’s version was nicely presented, properly prepared and tasty too.

The Osso Buco was more than I could eat in a single sitting
The Osso Buco was more than I could eat in a single sitting

For the main course, I was served one of the dishes from the new menu, Osso Buco.

Osso Buco is an Italian dish based on veal shank, a traditionally tough piece of meat made tender by a long braising time. Later, Sebastian mentioned they braise their meat for the Osso Buco for 13 hours!

And I appreciated every minute of it, as I easily pulled the meat off the bone with my fork. It slid off with little to no help, just the way I like it.

The meat was presented in a tomato-based sauce, on a bed of penne pasta and vegetables, including broccoli, mushrooms, and carrots. As if this fist-sized hunk of juicy meat wasn’t enough, there were also cubes of beef on the plate too.

I loved every bite, but eventually realized I wasn’t going to be able to finish the dish in one sitting. In fact, it was so big I’d be comfortable sharing it with another person next time.

Eventually, recognizing I had to leave room for dessert, I waived the white flag. I asked Javier, my waiter, to kindly wrap up the rest so I could take it home.

Lulo and tequila sorbet accompanies a chocolate cake garnished with dried fruits
Lulo and tequila sorbet with chocolate cake

Dessert was also from the new menu, a lulo and tequila sorbet accompanied by chocolate cake garnished with dried fruits.

The cake was composed of three different kinds of chocolates, and was double the length you see in the photo above.

The sorbet was amazing, and while not a combination I could’ve imagined, the flavors and textures were all complimentary.

After dinner, I had a chance to chat briefly with Santiago. He’s paisa, and has worked in some of Medellin’s top restaurants, including one of my favorites, El Cielo.

In addition, he spent several years working in Buenos Aires, and it shows, from the concept and design of Ferro, to the quality of ingredients being used.

The bar and grill decorated with Christmas lights
The bar and grill decorated with Christmas lights

I hesitate to share too much from the old menu, given it’s all about to change any day now. Instead, I think it’d be more useful to give some price ranges.

Appetizers run from 11,000 to 17,5000 pesos ($6 to $9).

Steaks are anywhere from 24,000 pesos ($12) for a half portion, to 58,500 pesos ($30) for a certified Angus rib eye. All steaks are served with a house salad, and choice of one side dish.

The menu also features a selection of chicken, pork and seafood entrees. For the vegetarians out there, there are a few salads too, but Ferro isn’t the kind of place you go when you want something green and leafy.

Ferro Restaurant
Ferro Restaurant

Ferro is a little hidden. You’re unlikely to stumble across it walking around, unlike some of the places closer to Parque Lleras. Now that I’ve experienced it for myself, I prefer it that way.

My dinner here reminded me that there’s so much more to Medellin’s restaurant scene than what you’ll find on TripAdvisor.

When you’re in the mood for a high quality steak from the grill, combined with attentive service and a warm, inviting atmosphere, head to Ferro.


My dinner was provided compliments of Ferro.

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  1. It is also (was, I guess, depending on the new menu) one of the very, very few places in Medellin to get a real T-bone Steak, US Style. I was very suspicious the first time I ate there and so the waiter was kind enough to bring out two cuts of the T-bone to the table for me to inspect before I ordered. Sure enough, bonafide T-bone Steaks with a decent size filet side. I hope they keep it on their menu!

  2. I went to Ferro last night and I must say I will never go back! I is a nice looking place and the a appetizers were good we had the grilled octopus and chorizo sausage. Then what I was waiting for the steak I ordered came and the rest of the dinning experience crashed and burned. My friend had the chicken and wife had a steak also. I will say the chicken was good but this is advertised as a very good steak restaurant. Well the steak sucked! chewy and I kid you not I had to send it back FOUR TIMES!!! It was done on the outside but purple raw in the inside. I asked for Medium! My wife asked for medium well. my plate sat in the heat light so long after 4 trips the pasta and veggies were like rubber.

    The bill was 250,301 cop and I wish I could say they were so busy but when we entered there was two tables eating. After the appetizers I saw we were THE ONLY TABLE STILL THERE AND THEY COULD NOT GET A STEAK RIGHT!!!!!!!! No apologies or anything was offered but they did INCLUDE THE TIP and I handed them 252,000 and NO CHANGE WAS RETURNED. not a sorry free coffee nothing!!!! To top it off the cab they called for us never came so we walked up to the main road and flag one down. They will never see another dollar from me . I understand restaurants have bad nights but the management needs to learn to put some fresh pasta on the plate or at least say sorry but they just charge full price and walk away. Good luck if you ever go there you had better have more patience then cash.