Fanfarron – Fanny Lu


Fanny Lu is a singer and actress from Cali, Colombia.

Shakira aside, she’s the first Colombian singer I became aware of upon arriving in Bogota 3 years ago.

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  1. Just wanted to leave a quick comment, what an awesome sight! I wish I would have come across this a bit earlier, now I’m trying to catch up on so much information! I’m doing the drive from Toronto to Argentina and will be staying for a bit in Medellin for a friend’s wedding…I have visited Bogota and Cartagena, but not Medellin yet, but this site has really got me anxious to see the city soon!!! Thanks for all the great writing!!


    • Thanks Mark, sounds like you’ve got a fun trip ahead of you. Medellin is quite different from the other two cities. Of course I think it’s the best! Enjoy.