Medellin Events: August 2013

    Flower Parade
    Flower Parade
    Flower Parade
    Flower Parade

    This year, the full schedule of events for La Feria de las Flores is taking place in August.

    There are literally hundreds of events associated with the annual Flower Festival, so listing them all would be impossible, but we’ve put together the highlights below, including the biggest parades and concerts, as well as a link to the official program (with all the little events).

    Night Festival


    J Balvin and Martin Elias

    Friday, August 2 at Club El Rodeo

    Tickets are 60,000 pesos. Info 311-5781 ext 111-113

    Zion & Lennox

    Zion & Lennox

    Friday, August 2 at Sixttina Discoteca

    The only tickets left are 75,000 pesos.



    Saturday, August 3 at Sixttina Discoteca

    Tickets are 25,000 pesos. Info and reservations 448-3042

    Concierto de Conciertos

    Marc Anthony, Juan Gabriel, Fonseca, Andres Cepeda, Pipe Pelaez, Ivan Ovalle

    7 PM Tuesday, August 6 at Estadio Polideportivo Sur Envigado

    Tickets through and retail outlets.


    Silvestre Dangond

    Saturday, August 10 at Palmahia Discoteca

    Dash Berlin

    DJ Dash Berlin

    Saturday, August 31 at Palmahia Discoteca



    August 2 – 11: Feria de las Flores

    Click here for a quick look at the schedule of major events

    Click here for a PDF of the full program (including all events and maps of parade routes)

    At all the parades and events, stay very aware of your belongings. As with any big street party or festival, there will be pickpockets looking for easy opportunities to steal your smartphone or camera. If you don’t absolutely need it, leave it at home.

    Horse parade
    Horse parade

    Horse Parade

    Sunday, August 4

    The horse parade (la cabalgata) is my favorite event of the Flower Festival.

    It’s full-on paisa culture, with thousands of horses walking down the streets, and tens of thousands of partygoers there to watch, drink, and eat the afternoon away. It’s a massive street party.

    Vintage Car Parade

    Wednesday, August 7

    The vintage car parade is a more low-key event than the horse or flower parades, but it’s still fun to come out and watch the long procession of cars and trucks drive through the city.

    Those inside are dressed for the period of the car, so if you see a VW van, expect to see those inside dressed like 60’s-era hippies!

    Flower Parade

    Sunday, August 11

    The Flower Parade is the main event of every Feria de las Flores. Everything else grew out of the traditional silleteros from Santa Elena.

    For the best views, buy a seat in the bleachers. This can be done the same day, by guys selling tickets along the parade route. You should not have to pay a large mark-up. In 2011, me and a few friends paid just a few dollars over face value.

    Sushi Light
    Sushi Light on a Tuesday night


    Medellin Living Reader Meet-up

    6 PM Tuesday, August 6 at Sushi Light in La Strada mall (Avenida Poblado)

    Enjoy the 2 for 1 sushi roll special, or if you prefer something else, they offer a variety of Asian-inspired dishes too.

    These meet-ups are a great opportunity to meet other travelers, expats, and Colombians. If you’re new to the city, it’s also a good chance to ask questions, and share your observations with a captive audience.

    RSVP here

    National Holidays

    Battle of Boyaca

    Wednesday, August 7

    “…the battle in which Colombia acquired its definitive independence from Spanish Monarchy”

    Assumption of Mary

    Thursday, August 15

    Catholic holiday. To allow a 3-day weekend, Colombians have a day off from work Monday, August 19.


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    1. I’ll be riding in the horse parade. Had to rent a horse and she tried to throw me several times the first day I rode her. She was nicer the second day. We shall see how she’s acting on Sunday. Wish me luck!

      • What’s your prior horseback riding experience, beginner, intermediate, expert?

        I rode them a bit during summer camp as a kid, and more recently from time to time in my travels (including twice in Colombia) but I don’t think I’m ready to take one out in the streets with 6,000 others.

        Good luck!