Discoteca Luxury – Reggaeton & Hip Hop Club

Discoteca Luxury
Absolut VIP at Discoteca Luxury
Absolut VIP at Discoteca Luxury

Editor’s Note: As of August 2015, Luxury has moved to Parque Lleras (Carrera 39 #8-45).

Discoteca Luxury is a relatively new club, having opened in 2010.  It’s original location was in Barrio Colombia, but it has since relocated to Parque Lleras.

On the weekends, there’s almost always a crowd of people hanging out in front of the club, which helps give it an air of popularity. This year, I finally made it a priority to check out.

Marcello (US), Brendan (Canada), Tim (Australia), and Jeff (Ukraine/US) arrived at the club first, and promptly set up camp in the VIP area. I believe the cover on weekends is about 10,000 COP for guys ($5).

Once you walk inside Discoteca Luxury, the VIP area is situated in a second-floor loft area, offering views of the bar and floor below.

There’s a separate be seated up there, plus a minimum purchase required from the bar (a bottle of Medellin Anejo Rum & Absolut Vodka covered us just fine).

Unfortunately, despite the comfortable couches, this isn’t an ideal place for mingling.

In fact, if you’re single and looking to meet girls, the VIP area is a terrible idea given Colombians often roll to bars and clubs in big groups, and you’ll never find a group of women hanging out in a VIP area without a few men. But I digress.

Discoteca Luxury is medium in size, and the music is mostly reggaeton, with hip-hop, R&B and dancehall thrown in as well.

The younger Colombian girls love reggaeton, and thus they head to Luxury. Which then leads the Colombian guys there as well.  Like clockwork.

We also saw quite a few foreigners in the club, which came as a bit of a surprise to me.

I imagine they might’ve picked Luxury because it looked like a popular spot from all the people hanging around outside. Either that or word of mouth at a hostel.

The following weekend, I returned to Luxury with Brendan, Tim and Jeff, and this time we stuck to the bottom floor, which was cheaper, and more social.

If you like reggaeton, or like the pretty girls that like reggaeton, check out Discoteca Luxury.


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  1. When i go to colombia i will go..i lile reggae and dancehall..i can do some dancehall dances..but they are pretty much like
    haveing sex so i dont think the colombian guys will like..but thanks for the club info..