Dalí Rock Bar and Cafe

Dali Rock
Partying at Dali Rock
Partying at Dali Rock

The place stands alone. It is not like most of the other bars and restaurants in Parque Lleras, which are clustered in the same area.

But Dali Rock is not to be missed.

I found Dali Rock on my first day in Medellín, when I was walking up and down the streets near the Art Hotel.

The bar caught my eye because I saw a sign above the entrance that read, “Boston.” That’s my mom’s hometown, and I’m a huge fan of their professional sports teams, mainly the Bruins and the Red Sox. Turns out, it was just an ad for cigarettes that the bar used to sell, but it was enough to draw me inside.

I immediately liked the atmosphere. It reminds me of those trendy lounges in the United States that have become so popular.

There are couches and tables and a long bar, and the lighting is perfect, bright enough that you can see everyone but muted enough to the point of comfort. There’s also a second room, which I have seen used as a dance floor.

The music is a mix of classic rock, everything from the Rolling Stones — my favorite band — to Pink Floyd, to more modern rock, such as Linkin Park and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s a good variety.

If you like shots, this is your place. There are so many different kinds, written on a blackboard behind the bar.

Of course, like most places in Medellín, you can get Aguardiente if you so choose. I tried Aguardiente for the first time here because the people sitting next to me offered me a shot. But typically, I stick to beer, mainly Aguila, which costs 4.500 pesos (only $2 or so).

The owners like to offer different themes too. Sometimes I get an invite on Facebook for an event called Pan y Vino (bread and wine). Other times, it’s Fiesta 80’s.

I went on a recent Thursday for a private party. I enjoyed talking to the people sitting next to me and practicing my Spanish with them. The Tigers-Yankees game was on the TV, so I was watching that too. I caught only the bottom of the ninth, with the Tigers up, 3-2, and cheered when the Yankees lost.

I explained to the people I was talking to that Red Sox fans don’t like the Yankees because of the long history between the teams. Then the conversation shifted to topics that ranged from traveling, to living in Medellín, as I had another beer, while Aerosmith played in the background.

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