Inside Colombiamoda: Colombia’s Fashion Week in Medellin

Colombiamoda at Plaza Mayor in Medellin, Colombia
The Davalos twins
The Davalos twins are two of Colombia’s most famous fashion models

Colombiamoda, Colombia’s annual fashion week, kicks off in Medellin next week.

Once again, the event will be held at Plaza Mayor, a short walk from the Alpujarra metro station. The 3-day event runs from July 24 – 26, and features designers from around Latin America, and the world.

Together with my friend Troy, I’ve attended Colombiamoda the last two years in order to bring you photos of the hottest Colombian models the country has to offer.

In this post, I’d like to share a little more about what you can expect to see if you pay the 80,000 COP ($45) for a 3-day pass to the public* exhibitions. For the fashionistas reading, or the curious tourists who’ve never attended a country’s fashion week, it’s an interesting event to consider.

OK, who am I kidding, I went to see the pretty girls both years. And I’m sure 99% of the men reading would be going for the same reason. Whatever your motivation, let’s take a look inside Colombiamoda.

* Most of the runway shows and after parties are invitation-only.

Colombiamoda's public exhibitions are held at Plaza Mayor
Colombiamoda’s public exhibitions are held at Plaza Mayor, which is easily accessible by metro
This Colombiamoda badge indicates I'm an "international buyer"
My Colombiamoda badge indicates I’m an “international buyer”
Inside the exhibition hall
Attendees are a mix of fashionistas, university fashion students, local and international buyers, journalists, designers, and curious tourists
Outdoors at Colombiamoda
There’s plenty of outdoor space, featuring additional exhibitions, restaurants, and a few bars
Skateboard demo at Colombiamoda 2011
Boardslide during a skateboarding demo at Colombiamoda 2011
Outdoor cafeteria with local restaurants
Popular restaurants from around Medellin serve food and drinks to attendees (the prices are reasonable too)
The convention center
A look at the convention center which houses the majority of exhibitions
If you stay until the late afternoon or early evening, there are several bars set up outdoors for you to grab a drink and socialize
Colombian lingerie model
Why Colombia deserves its reputation for beautiful women
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  1. David I really enjoy you posts. I am coming to Medllein this winter and would like to take salsa lessons for afew sessions. Can you recommend anyone? Thanks

  2. Hello guys, Medellin fashion week was fantastic, so many great designers and sexy models. Love it!. Here is a great editorial magazine about music, art and fashion. It’s a Colombian publication. this is the their latest issue.