Colombiamoda: Inside Colombia’s Annual Fashion Week

Lingerie model at Colombiamoda 2010
Lingerie model at Colombiamoda 2010

The week after I arrived in Medellin, the city played host to the country’s annual fashion week (Colombiamoda) from July 27-29, 2010.

My mission was clear.  Investigate, with camera in hand, and report back to the readers of Medellin Living.

I’d like to think I’m fashionable, however aside from watching a few seasons of Project Runway (hey, Heidi Klum is the host), I don’t know much about the industry or its designers, let alone the Latin American ones.  So, I attended under no false pretenses.

Troy from FOGGOdyssey and I would go photograph the pretty girls, and share those images online.

We posted the first batch of sexy Colombian models over at Go Backpacking a few days after the event.  A second photo essay by Troy will be posted here tomorrow.

In the meantime, I wanted to answer the burning question on any visiting guy’s mind…is it worth the 80,000 peso ($44) price of admission?

The Davalos Twins
The Davalos Twins, two of Colombia’s top models

The answer is yes…if you care about fashion, want to write about the event itself, have the desire to play lingerie photographer for a day, or simply want a few photos to make your Facebook friends jealous.

You might even try getting a phone number or two (good luck!).

In our experience, the models were all friendly and willing to take some direction with regard to the photographs, though of course that personality trait comes with the job.

Foreigners buy the pass at a reduced rate compared to what a Colombian (non-student) would have to pay, and it’s good for all three days of the event.

Unfortunately, despite checking out the show for a second day, we saw the same models, and nothing seemed different.  Also, it won’t get you into the runway shows.

If that’s you’re goal, you’ll need to have a connection, or apply at least a month in advance for a press pass.

A DJ played music each afternoon in the courtyard.
A DJ played music each afternoon in the courtyard.

Once you’ve taken photos of all the models, you may find yourself wandering outside for some fresh air.

A DJ was on hand each afternoon, and around 5 pm, free shots of fruit-flavored Vodka Montesskaya were handed out.

There were two areas where food vendors were set up so you could get some lunch as well, and a stage which appeared as though it’d host bands in the evenings.

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