Christmas Lights and Travel Bloggers

Dave and Brock
Dave and Brock

Like me, my friend Brock’s trip around the world came to an end in Medellin, Colombia.

It was December 2010, and I was there to welcome him with tripe soup at Mondongo’s. Michael, the blogger from Go See Write, was also there.

In the video, he then visits Pablo Escobar’s grave, eats a massive slice of pizza, checks out the rooftop view from the International House, and then hops on the chiva party bus from hell with me and a bunch of other bloggers to see the Christmas lights.

The one that left me behind at our very first stop!

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  1. So how did you get lost? What happened? too many party buses to keep track of?
    I am the last person to correct somebody’s Spanish but, I cringed with the way he pronounced Medellin, him not realizing the ending is sounded out “jean”…..

    • I didn’t get lost. Our first stop were the lights along the Medellin River. I got out with my date, and specifically asked the driver how long we were here for. He said about 20 minutes, at the least, it might’ve been 30, I can’t recall.

      Either way, we walked away to look at the lights, we were gone no more than 15 minutes when we began walking back, and I noticed all these messages from friends on my phone asking me where I was. We walked back to the place where the bus was parked, but it’d already left without us.

      You can read the full story here.