Bonhomía Salumería: Cheeses, Cured Meats and Sangria

Tabla Madurados para 4
Tabla Madurados for four people

Opened in December 2014 on Vía Primavera, Poblado, Bonhomía Salumería is the new kid on the block.

According to the dictionary, its name comes from the French bonhomie, meaning “afabilidad, sencillez, bondad y honradez en el carácter y en el comportamiento.” In English, that would mean “affability, simplicity, goodness and honesty in the character and behavior.”

At the entrance, you’ll be greeted by a piggy ‘stamped’ with miscellaneous kitchen-related items, making the place easy to spot. How often do you see a pig in Poblado, right?

From there it’s easy to choose a table to sit at, as both the terrace and the space inside are comfortable enough for an enjoyable time. I recommend a table outside though, especially if you’re on a date. When the sun sets, they turn on Christmas-style lights above the glass roof, instantly increasing the romantic ambiance.

The main attraction is the tasty menu. Bonhomía Salumería (salumería = delicatessen) carries its name for a reason, and that is the variety of carefully selected cheeses and cold cuts, accompanied by a collection of Undurraga wines, one of my favorites. Bonhomía sources its meat from Casablanca, a Colombian purveyor of exquisite cured meats.

The menu comes with a variety of cheese and cured meat combinations. Each is served on a cutting board along with four salsas: Tabla Bonhomía, Española, Italiana, Quesos.

If you prefer to choose the cuts, you can customize your order with Tabla de Madurados for two or four people.

Each of them comes with a predefined number of cheeses and snacks: Tabla Madurados for two includes three madurados (cold cuts) and two cheeses and the other one comes with five madurados and three cheeses.

My friend and I tried to change the number of cheeses and cold cuts but were respectfully told that we can’t, as they prefer to maintain a certain level of discipline in the kitchen.

There were only two of us, but we chose the option for four and thank God we did because otherwise we would have left there starving. I’m not sure if we were hungry or the choices we made were delicious.

Their cuisine is not limited to cheeses and salami, the sandwiches and cooked food look mouth-watering as well. So if you want something heavier, go for it but beware that the sandwiches are huge. They seem to know that since they serve them cut in half so you can share with your friend.

A quick look on their Instagram account proves it and will also help you choose what you want, if you’re the type that orders based on looks.

I’ve been told they have the best sangria in the city so we tried it and I’m glad we did. I can’t compare it with the Spanish version, as I’ve never been to Spain, but what we had was pretty good. It must be the wine I guess.

They also serve beer and natural juices; I tried a heavenly maracuyá/pineapple/mango one mixed with yerbabuena.

The desserts are not listed on the menu, but by the end of your visit the waitress will ask if you want one. Note to self: tasty, so you might as well end this food tour with something sweet.

I’ve read bad reviews in terms of service, however, my friend and I couldn’t have been better attended to.

Bonhomía Salumería is quickly getting noticed. Therefore, you may not always find a free table or the waiters may be busy and seem slow to respond. Try to be patient if you don’t get your order within the first five minutes of making it.

The music and ambiance are relaxing, so enjoy your glass of wine and a good conversation while you wait.

Given its location, the place is popular with foreigners. They have an English speaking waiter if you need help with the menu. I suggested they create a bilingual menu, so they have that on their “to-do” list.

The lunch I had there with my friend extended until sunset, the sangria and the relaxing atmosphere marked their words.

We also had a pleasant chat with the owner, who happens to be a good friend of my friend and a nice person. He sat down with us, and we got to hear the story of this place was started and the plans they have in the future.

They’re planning a launch party soon so keep an eye on them; it would be a good occasion to test the service and menu and, of course, to know the people behind the business.

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  1. Not gonna lie, I ate there a few weeks back with the wife, and we had a pretty bad meal. We got a charcuterie plate which was A ok, but both of our mains were pretty bad. Slicing meat and cheese ain’t that hard, but after the meat and cheese plates, it’s clear that they have some kitchen issues to sort out. The quality of our entrees was pretty poor, and I was surprised to find such a pretty space, lacking in quality ingredients. Anyhow, I won’t be back until I’ve found out that they’ve upped their game. Seriously, Colombians know how to make a restaurant look good, but at times, they completely fail at producing a product that doesn’t go beyond a pretty face. This restaurant is like the pretty girl that’s terrible in bed.