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Looking for the best coworking spaces in Medellin? Our new guest blogger Sophie delivers up a nice list in her first post for Medellin Living. And if coworking cafés are more your style, check out her review of the best cafés in Medellin

Anyone who’s been to Medellín will know that it’s incredibly popular with expats and digital nomads. We foreigners flock here from far and wide for the weather, the low cost of living, and the wonderful Paisa people who inhabit “the city of eternal spring”. What’s not to love?

Because of its countless perks, Medellín is currently experiencing a boom in long-term foreign residents as well as massive growth in its own home-grown freelance and startup sector. So the demand for coworking spaces across the city is increasing at a dramatic rate. This has led to lots of fantastic shared offices opening in Medellín, and there are now lots of places where freelancers can hunker down and get productive.

We’ve listed the 10 best coworking spaces in Medellin as well as a few others that are worth checking out.

There's plenty of space to socialize at Selina (photo courtesy of Selina)
There’s plenty of space to socialize at Selina (photo courtesy of Selina)


Selina, Poblado

Selina is actually a chain of hostels with locations across Latin America which are renowned for their amazing facilities and stylish interiors. Their Medellín location incorporates a big, vibrant and trendy coworking space that’s hugely popular with the neighborhood’s nomads.

Day passes cost 30,000 COP ($10.54), or if you commit to the entire month you’ll pay 225,000 ($79.07) for a flex desk or 480,000 ($168.69) for your own dedicated space. A great selling point of this location is that it’s open 24/7 no matter which pass you purchase. And, once work is done, coworkers can head downstairs for happy hour at the onsite bar. Keep an eye out for the wellness center which is opening soon, too; it’ll offer yoga, fitness and meditation. And there will be discounts for anyone who uses the coworking space.

Calle 10 #9-17

There's plenty of room for presentations at AtomHouse (photo courtesy of AtomHouse)
There’s plenty of room for presentations at AtomHouse (photo courtesy of AtomHouse)

AtomHouse, Poblado

This place looks small from the outside, but its interior is Tardis-like. Split across two floors, there are plenty of offices and flex desks to work from as well as outdoor chill-out areas and an auditorium that seats up to 50 people.

The atmosphere has a nice, busy buzz to it, and the space is surrounded by restaurants offering cheap and tasty menú del dia options if you fancy a working lunch (or an after-work beer with your coworkers).

Daily passes are just 26,000 COP ($9.14), or you can sign up for a week for 120,000 COP ($42.18). Opening hours are 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, but if you sign up for a full month you get access 24/7. Commit to over three months and you’ll get a 10% discount on the monthly fee.

Carrera 7 #69-17

Global Express has a big corner location right on Calle 10 (photo courtesy of Global Express)
Global Express has a big corner location right on Calle 10 (photo courtesy of Global Express)

Global Express Center, Poblado

Global Express is an impressively professional space close to Poblado metro station which has fantastic facilities and a productive vibe. There are plenty of power outlets and the chairs are comfortable and ergonomic, which are two things that some spaces seem to overlook. There are also well-maintained meeting rooms and private offices available. If you need to get away from your desk for awhile, the comfy chill-out areas are perfect for networking and coffee breaks.

Global Express is our pick for digital nomads on tight budgets that need a professional work space every now and then. Their day rate is one of, if not the, cheapest in the city, at just 17,850 COP ($6.27) for a flex desk. If you’re looking for something more long term, a monthly pass will cost you 490,000 COP ($172.22), which is on par with the other spaces nearby.

The space operates traditional working hours of 8am-6pm, but also opens Saturday 9am-1pm.

Calle 10 #42–28

Homey, communal vibe at FrendaColectivo (photo courtesy of FrendaColectivo)
Homey, communal vibe at FrendaColectivo (photo courtesy of FrendaColectivo)

FrendaColectivo, Laureles

This is the coziest space on our list. It feels like you’re working from someone’s home because, well, you kind of are: as well as being a coworking space, the house also offers private bedrooms and a fully stocked kitchen for guests (coworkers are also given their own space in the kitchen to store food and drink).

This slightly different take on coworking creates a relaxed, friendly atmosphere which we love. Community is at the heart of Frenda, and the owners make a big effort to introduce you to your coworkers to create a collaborative and welcoming workspace.

The space offers a great budget option for digital nomads, and a day pass is only 20,000 COP ($7.03). Book in for a week and it’ll cost just 80,000 COP ($28.12), or commit to the whole month and you’ll pay 320,000 COP ($112.47).

Opening hours are 8am-7pm Monday to Friday for coworkers, but if you’re staying in one of the lovely onsite bedrooms you can of course use the space whenever you need to.

Circular 2 # 73-25

Outdoor dining area at Coecoworking (photo courtesy of Coecoworking)
Outdoor dining area at Coecoworking (photo courtesy of Coecoworking)

Coecoworking, La Floresta

After moving to their new premises just five minutes’ walk away from Floresta metro, Coecoworking is drawing a varied and interesting crowd of coworkers from around La Floresta and Estadio.

The owner is great and makes a real effort to ensure that you’re comfortable, which you will be in his bright and airy space. The work areas are well spread out, and there are plenty of places to tuck away and get your head down if you need to. There are also offices for hire if you need more privacy.

A day pass is 30,000 COP ($10.54), or you can have five hours for the same price which can be used throughout the month if you only need to drop in occasionally. Weekly passes are 120,000 COP ($42.18), and a month is 360,000 ($126.54), although you’ll get a discount if you commit to more than three months.

The space is open 7am–9pm Monday to Friday, and 9am–1pm Saturdays.

Carrera 77aa #47-52

Work space with a view at Tinkko (photo courtesy of Tinkko)
Work space with a view at Tinkko (photo courtesy of Tinkko)

Tinkko, near Poblado

Located in the business district of Medellin, this coworking space on the 15th floor is a classy place.

Time is paid for in hours and can be used throughout the month, as and when you like. This is a better system for people who like to work flexibly rather than committing to the office for full days at a time. Choose from a traditional desk with a city view, the coffee bar, or cozy bean bags for more informal working. You can also hire office space if you need more privacy.

This space isn’t the cheapest, but you’re getting flexibility and a gorgeous work environment for your money. 25 hours will set you back 208,700 COP ($73.36), or you can buy 50 or 100 hours for 358,500 COP ($126.01) and 449,400 COP ($157.96) respectively. Standard opening hours are 7am-7pm, but there are 24/7 and night time packages available on request.

Carerra 42 #3 Sur 81, Torre 1 Piso 1

The upstairs coworking area in Semilla Cafe Coworking (photo courtesy of Semilla)

Semilla Cafe Coworking, Laureles

Semilla Cafe Coworking is one of the newest coworking spaces on the scene in Medellín. It has a fairly unique concept, with a cafe on the first floor that’s been designed with nomads in mind, featuring large tables, cozy nooks and plenty of power outlets. Buy anything from the menu and you get a voucher that gives you 4 hours access to the super fast wifi.

The second floor hosts the coworking space, which is light and airey, with views overlooking Primer Parque in the heart of Laureles. Each of the desks are separated by acoustic screens and plants, which creates a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for when you need to get down to some serious work. The space also has a chill out area with a PS4, and phone booths for when you need some privacy when speaking to clients.

A day pass costs 35,000 COP, a week is priced at 165,000 COP, while a month is also available, priced at 530,000 COP. Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 8am to 8pm.

Cl. 39c #73-7

Work close to nature at La Casa Redonda (photo courtesy of La Casa Redonda)
Work close to nature at La Casa Redonda (photo courtesy of La Casa Redonda)

La Casa Redonda, Laureles

With less than a year in their new location, La Casa Redonda is already hugely popular with nomads in Laureles, and with good reason. Started by eight friends as a way to create a community of creative entrepreneurs, this beautiful space is doing exactly that. There is a lot of emphasis on social events at the house, with regular BBQ’s and potlucks as well as yoga classes and workshops. This makes the space great for nomads who are new to the area and are looking to make friends as well as get work done.

Passes are flexible, which is appealing for people without the budget or the need to be in a coworking space every day. 200,000 COP ($70.30) gets you eight passes per month to be used whenever you want, or it’s 30,000 COP ($10.54) per day for a flex desk. Meeting rooms are also available from 30,000 COP ($10.54), and 476,000 COP ($167.31) will get you your own desk for a month. La Casa Redonda is open 8am–8pm Monday to Friday, and 12pm-8pm on Saturday.

Circular 75 #38-09

There's plenty of space to get work done at NODO (photo courtesy of NODO)
There’s plenty of space to get work done at NODO (photo courtesy of NODO)

NODO, Envigado

NODO coworking has three locations in total, covering all of the main expat communities. The Poblado and Laureles locations are both great, but the Envigado space is our favorite.

Monthly membership is 145,000 COP ($50.97) per month for a flex desk, 480,000 COP ($168.72) for a fixed desk, or 850,000 COP ($298.77) for a private office for 1-2 people. Opening hours are 8am-6pm, and you can use any of the three locations. Or, if you’ve gone for an office, you’re free to access your space 24/7.

You can also sign up for free and access the space five times in a three month period, which is a handy backup for when funds are low or you just fancy a change of scenery.

Carrera 46 #19 Sur 130

Co-work Latam near Universidad metro station (photo courtesy of Co-work Latam)
Co-work Latam near Universidad metro station (photo courtesy of Co-work Latam)


Co-work Latam, Complejo Ruta N

Also known as Co-work Colombia, this company offers spaces that are big, bright and professional. Based close to the Universidad metro stop, their location is easily accessible from all over the city. Here you’ll find meeting rooms and private telephone booths if you need them, as well as informal communal areas for more relaxed meetings. There’s also an emphasis on collaboration and networking, and after-office-hours gatherings are heavily encouraged.

100 hours per month costs 220,000 COP ($77.33) for a space in the lounge, or 375,000 COP ($131.81) for a desk. If you want 24/7 access and a fixed desk it’s 535,000 COP ($188.05) per month, and you also get 15 hours of meeting room time included in the price.

There’s also a branch in Poblado as well as locations in Chile and Uruguay if you’re a nomad touring South America.

Calle 67 #52-20

Coworkers socializing on the terrace at Siembra (photo courtesy of Siembra)
Coworkers socializing on the terrace at Siembra (photo courtesy of Siembra)

Siembra, Poblado

The final space on our list is Siembra (now known as Ofizen), another great option in Poblado. The building is relatively small when compared with others around the city, but the owners have used every inch thoughtfully and have created a practical and comfortable space for their coworkers.

Community is at the heart of this space, and there are lots of activities on offer which aim to bring coworkers together. These include pub quizzes, rooftop cinema evenings and Sunday chillouts, which are perfect networking opportunities and are also a great way to get to know people in your area.

A day pass is 30,000 COP ($10.54), or you can pay 140,000 COP ($49.21) weekly for a desk. One month costs 430,000 COP ($151.14), but if you commit to more than three months, that drops down to 350,000 COP ($123.02) per month. Siembra is open 8am-7pm Monday to Friday and 8am-12pm Saturday. There are also out-of-hours talks and events to keep an eye out for, including “speed networking,” which aims to connect nomads.

Calle 10b #36-44, oficina 302

Other coworking spaces in Medellín

CoworkYa, Poblado

Calle 10b #36-28

La Casa Coworking Place, Laureles

Calle 40 #74-18

The Office Coworking, Poblado

Carrera 37 #10-24

Epicentro, Patio Bonito

Carrera 45 #5a-37

Especial Oficinas, Poblado

Carrera 48 #10-45

Do you have a favorite coworking space in Medellín? Let us know about it in the comments below.

About Sophie

Sophie is a freelance writer from the north of England. She has been traveling and working in South America since August 2017, and currently lives in Medellín. She runs the blog Table for One, where she writes about what it’s really like to travel as a solo woman.


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  1. I just finished my 1st week free at Ivy Coworking & Wellness Center in Laureles & they have a cool concept I’ve never seen before. They offer an area for normal coworking + an area for people in the wellness industry like me. They offer private patient rooms by the hour for massages, acupuncture, chiropractors, etc + rooftop yoga. Here’s the website if anyone interested.