Attic Bar Loft: A Confluence of 50’s Art and NYC Design

Disco Ball at the Attic
Disco Ball at the Attic
Attic Bar Loft
Attic Bar Loft

The 7th floor of the Rio Sur mall remains one of Medellín’s nightlife hot spots, and one of my favorite places to go out for drinks with friends.

There’s a venue for everyone, from the relaxed Delaire Sky Lounge with its city views, to the live music of Kukaramakara and the reggaeton/electronica mix of Sixttina.

One of the smaller venues I’ve been meaning to check out since 2013 is Attic Bar Loft. I’ve had the chance to hang out there twice so far this year, though I don’t have a lot of pictures to show for it.

The entrance to Attic is much more subtle than the other venues on the floor. If it weren’t for the small black sign with white letters, you’d never know it was there.

I’ve had drinks on both Friday and Saturday nights there, and on neither occasion were they charging a cover (a way to keep costs down versus the clubs which charge 25,000 pesos, or $13 to enter).

Looking up at the Attic's mirro ball
Looking up at the Attic’s mirro ball

The bar is designed to evoke a 50’s era New York City loft, both in the style of art on display and the overall industrial design. The interior is spacious by typical Colombian standards, thanks in part to the high ceiling.

The main room features a small DJ booth, a bar at the far end, and couches (which are often reserved) along the perimeter near the windows.

There’s a second floor loft, which might be a VIP area, or simply allow the bar to hold additional people. I haven’t been up there to find out.

The cocktail prices aren’t cheap, but then again, if you’re out for drinks in Rio Sur, money shouldn’t be as big of a concern. By local standards it’s expensive, and therefore exclusive, but by Western standards, it’s typical of bars in big cities like New York or Miami.

Beyond the design, which I really dig (as it feels more like a NYC bar than a Colombian bar), there’s a great mix of music, featuring Top 40 hits as well as an increasing amount of reggaeton as the night wears on.

Attic Bar Loft is now one of my favorite bars in the city, whether you want to grab a quick drink before heading to the larger dance clubs, or make a night out of it there with a date or friends.

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  1. Hey dave, not sure the appropriate place to ask this, but as far as living in Medellin goes, what is the going rate for a rented room? Not an entire apartment necessarially. Or staying with a host family? hoping to find something for under $300 when I go…is this possible?

    • I pay $300 for my room, and while you can certainly find less, this is about par for the course in the more popular parts of Poblado, Envigado and Laureles.

      • Hi Krystal,

        Did you find any yet? I have been looking for a room to rent in the city, but so far I got offered for $650 home stay with meal included. I don’t like someone cooking my food so I think home stay is not for me.

        Hoping to hear from anyone who have any information or suggestions about room rentals.