Live: Oscar de Leon & Gilberto Santa Rosa

Here’s a taste of an old school salsa favorite, Oscar de Leon, live in concert. If you like what you see, you can check him out live in Medellin tonight (Feb 17, 2012) at Palmahia Discoteca.

Best Place to Learn LA or Cuban Style Salsa in Medellin

A profile of the best place to learn LA or Cuban style salsa in Medellin, Colombia including video footage of the author and instructor.

Recap: 3rd Annual Colombia Salsa Festival

In 2009, on my last weekend in Medellin, I spent two nights dancing at the 1st Colombian Salsa Festival. As luck would have it, I ran into Yamile, one of my dance teachers, at the door. I had a way better time as a result of her company than had she not attended. Therefore, it […]

Listo Medellin – Grupo Niche

Slowly but surely, I continue to discover the names of the classic Colombian songs I’ve been hearing the last few years. Listo Medellin is by Colombia’s own Grupo Niche. If you’re familiar with the city, see how many references you can catch and understand.

2011 Colombia Salsa Festival

Cali may be Colombia’s salsa capital, but Medellin is home to the country’s annual salsa festival (or Congress, as they’re called in Western countries). This weekend, from July 8 – 10,  Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana (UPB) hosts the 3rd Colombia Salsa Festival. The Festival is a mix of dance classes, competitions, concerts and social dancing. Singers […]

The Difference Between Academy Dancing and Club Dancing

So there is club dancing and there is Academy dancing.  Let me explain the difference. I have been going to the clubs that everyone goes to on Tuesdays and Thursdays and have been feeling quite dejected since, afterall, my goal in traveling through South America was to learn every dance style possible. And, Tuesdays at […]

Me Libere – El Gran Combo de Puerto Rico

Me Libere by El Gran Combo de Puerto Rio is one of my all time favorite salsa songs.

Video: Salsa Dancing in Medellin

When Jessica expressed an interest in contributing to Medellin Living, little did I know I’d end up with a new salsa dancing partner. I had invited her to my apartment to go over how to use WordPress. She arrived fresh from a tango lesson, and before I knew it, Marcello (Wandering Trader) was recording us […]

Willie Colon & Ruben Blades – Plastico

A salsa classic, and a lot of fun to dance to, this is Plastico performed live by Willie Colon and Ruben Blades. My favorite part in the song is around 6:30 when they start doing shout-outs to the various Latin countries, including Colombia!

Learn Salsa in Colombia

I met Benny (Fluent in 3 Months) when he arrived in Medellin last November for a 2-month stay in Colombia. He wanted to learn salsa in Colombia, so I referred him to my teacher, Yamile, at the dance studio I’ve used the last few years. In the first part of the video, you’ll see footage […]