About Alan

Alan began his expat adventures when he fell in love with Spain after moving there at the age of 20. He has lived outside his native US for roughly half of his adult life in about a dozen countries. When he's able to remember his two-letter bilingual password, he can be found noting his nomadic notions at AlanTravelsaLot.com

Join the Medellín Living May Meetup at Del Patio Restaurant and Bar

We want to invite you to the Medellín Living May meetup event taking place on May 11, 2017 at Del Patio Restaurant and Bar in Laureles.

Los Chamos: a Venezuelan Arepa Restaurant in Medellín

The Los Chamos restaurant brings the delicious Venezuelan arepa to the Laureles neighborhood in Medellin.

Guide to Medellín Language Exchange Nights: Practice Your Spanish

Medellin offers a wide variety of language exchange nights where foreigners can go to practice their Spanish and meet new people.