Join the Medellín Living April Meetup at Gato Restaurante & Cocina Peruana in Poblado

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We’re returning this month to the popular Gato Restaurante & Cocina Peruana in Poblado. The Medellín Living April meetup event will take place on Thursday, April 12, at 7pm.

Whether you’ve just arrived in Medellín or have been here for years, you’re welcome to come to the Medellín Living meetups. It’s a great opportunity to get advice, swap travel stories, and meet like-minded people who share an interest in the city of eternal spring.

This month we’re back at Gato Resto Bar, a venue that provides the best of both worlds: a nice restaurant for those who want to have dinner, plus an ample bar/lounge area for mixing and mingling.

Gato Restaurante & Cocina Peruana is a fairly new restaurant which opened last year in Poblado’s trendy Provenza neighborhood. The Gato Restaurante offers an extensive menu which includes both Peruvian cuisine and general fare such as hamburgers and tacos.

Our Medellín Living December meetup isn’t a sponsored event, so attendees must pay for their own food and drinks.

Date: Thursday, April 12, 7:00pm to midnight

Gato Restaurante & Cocina Peruana is located in Poblado at Carrera 35 #8A-95. It’s about a 20-minute walk from the Poblado metro station or a five-minute taxi ride.

Relaxing upstairs bar and lounge area
Relaxing upstairs bar and lounge area

Please RSVP for the Medellín Living December Meetup

This meetup is a great way to network and meet others with common interests and hobbies. It also gives long-time Medellín residents a chance to share their knowledge and help out those who are new to the city. Please try to welcome the newcomers and introduce them to your friends!

You’ll also have a chance to meet some of the Medellín Living writers. Maybe you can suggest an idea for a story you would like to see them write for Medellín Living. Also, don’t forget to invite your friends and like and share the event on Facebook!

If you plan to attend, please RSVP so we know how many people to expect. You can RSVP on Facebook here, or below in the comments if you are not on Facebook. Or you can RSVP via our Medellin Living group on

Gato's royal potato terrine with smoked salmon
Gato’s royal potato terrine with smoked salmon

About Gato Restaurante & Cocina Peruana

Gato Restaurante & Cocina Peruana is a Peruvian restaurant and bar with two levels. Each level has its own full bar and dining area. The second floor, which we have reserved for our event, includes a refreshing open-air dining area with a nice view, and also has a live DJ.

The Gato bar offers a wide variety of drink options. They have a good choice of beers, including Corona, Club Colombia, Aguila, and BBC. Their cocktail selection includes three different martinis, two mojitos and margaritas, the classic Peruvian pisco sour, and a couple of special Gato cocktails.

Gato also serves a wide variety of wines, including a number of reds, whites, and roses. The menu includes three different kinds of sangria as well.

The Gato bar is also well stocked with a number of rums, whiskeys, tequilas, and gins, in addition to other liquors. They also have flavored sodas (such as mango soda), natural fruit juices, and four types of lemonade.

Wok style rice with shrimp at Gato Restaurante & Cocina Peruana
Wok style rice with shrimp at Gato Restaurante & Cocina Peruana

In addition, Gato has a wide selection of food options on their menu, including Peruvian cuisine and general fare. This includes rice dishes, such as wok style rice with shrimp (pictured above), pastas, and, of course, several of the ceviches for which Peru is famous.

For those hungry for traditionally North American grub, Gato is prepared to satisfy those appetites as well. They serve up five different types of hamburgers, three varieties of quesadillas and two kinds of tacos.

If you show up with a smaller appetite, Gato has you covered with a number of lighter choices para picar, including empanadas, nachos, and croquettes. They also offer three different sandwiches and three salads.

And don’t forget to save room for dessert! If not, you’ll regret it when you see the delicious cheesecake, chocolate brownie, and other sweet temptations that you’ll be missing out on.

Dining with a view at Gato Resto Bar
Dining with a view at Gato Resto Bar


Our Medellín Living Meetups

In response to popular demand, Medellín Living restarted its meetups in January of 2017 after a two-year hiatus. The new Medellin Living meetups have been a huge success, growing steadily from one month to the next. We’ve been averaging about 80-100 attendees at the last few meetups.

For the moment, we’re alternating the meetups between Poblado and Laureles, which are two of the most popular neighborhoods for expats living in Medellín.

Our May meetup is planned for Poblado. Details will be posted on this site about one week before each meetup.

Note: there isn’t any extra fee required to attend Medellín Living meetups, and no membership is required.

We have two additional ways for our readers to keep up with Medellín Living events. You can follow us on our Medellin Living Events & Activities Facebook group or via our Medellin Living group on

All photos courtesy of Gato Restaurante & Cocina Peruana

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  1. I suggest we all neet at the Hacienda restaurant on the Junin just diwn the street from rhe Coltejer building downtown. We all live in this very exciting city. Let’s try and meet in a spot that typifies the Medellin the more adventurous Expats have discovered. Sabaneta, Poblado and Laureles are great places but let’s try and venture out to the heartland of this city. Hacienda’s food is superb and will allow us to enjoy each others company in a setting more traditional and perhaps less well known to many of our suburban living expats.

  2. ¨For the moment, we’re alternating the meetups between Poblado and Laureles, which are the two most popular neighborhoods for expats living in Medellín.¨

    Why don´t you read your own survey results from last December. Your own survey of expats living in Medellin showed that Laureles isn´t one of the top two most popular neighborhoods for expats living in Medellin. In your own survey Laureles came in 4th for expats after El Poblado, Envigado and Sabaneta. So you are incorrect based on your own research.

    • Hello, Kate. I have read the Medellin Living survey results from last December. That survey was not scientific, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

      Another factor in choosing to hold the meetups in Poblado and Laureles is location. Those two neighborhoods are fairly close to each other and many expats go out in those two areas, even if they live elsewhere. Envigado and especially Sabaneta are too far for many of our attendees.

      It’s also difficult to find suitable venues for our events outside of Poblado and Laureles. We’ve been getting over 100 attendees at each meetup lately. So we need places that can accommodate and properly serve a group of that size. We also prefer places that have both a restaurant and a good-sized bar area for mixing and mingling. If you know of any venues that meet these criteria, please suggest them to us.

      We haven’t forgotten about the other popular neighborhoods. In the coming year, we will try to hold some events outside of Poblado and Laureles.