What’s In My Daypack?


The contents of my daypack have morphed slowly over the last few weeks, as I have made the mental switch from nomadic backpacker interested in seeing the world to Medellin ¨resident¨ interested in learning Spanish and teaching English.

As a result, I thought it would be fun to share the contents of my daypack these days.

  • map of Medellin
  • yellow pad of paper – used for my Spanish/English classes with Rodrigo, and other random purposes
  • personal journal and a pen
  • a blue folder with copies of my teaching advertisement in black and white and color, resume, and teaching rates
  • small nylon dry bag (because it rains often here)
  • digital camera
  • SD card reader
  • mp3 player and USB cable (for recharging it)
  • English – Spanish dictionary (pocket size)
  • self-made flash cards for improving my Spanish vocabulary
  • stapler and blue tape (for posting ads)
  • bottle of water and gum
  • spare change (great for buses)
  • apartment keys, copy of passport, and other random bits of paper with various addresses (handy for giving taxi drivers)

In my pocket, I carry a cell phone I bought in Medellin, and a small amount of pesos.

I think that about covers it, though I am long overdue for an umbrella!

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