Visiting a Finca in Copacabana


This is part 2 of a 2-part series.  You can read the first part here.

View of the valley from a finca in Copacabana
View of the valley from a finca in Copacabana.

In the morning, I awoke to birds chirping, people stirring about on the ground floor of the finca, and the gorgeous mountain and valley views I can’t get enough of.

I walked downstairs, and greeted Rodrigo, his parents, and others.

I was immediately offered sandals, but refused, in a hippyesque “life is better barefoot” moment.  The morning slowly unwound with fresh Colombian coffee and casual conversation.

Girardota as viewed from Copacabana
Girardota as viewed from Copacabana

I made another circuit around the property, taking photos from every view and angle I could think of.

Only after returning to my apartment in Medellin, did I realize my head was getting a massive dose of solar radiation as a result.

With the cool temperatures, I often lose myself in the moment and forget that the sun is much stronger in Medellin than Washington, DC due to the city’s proximity to the Equator.

I have a hat for such purposes, but early in the morning I don’t think to wear it because in the USA, it wouldn’t normally be a problem.

The main house
The main house as viewed from the pool.

For breakfast, the same cop who cooked the burgers the night before took the lead on scrambling eggs, heating up arepas, and mixing hot chocolate.

It’s a winning breakfast combination, and while I still have trouble eating the arepas and eggs with my hands (versus using a fork and knife), it’s become normal for me.

The secret to making arepas taste good is lots of butter and/or cheese.

View toward Medellin
View toward Medellin

After breakfast, Rodrigo mentioned he would be heading back to Medellin around noon, though I was welcome to stay at the finca all afternoon and go back with his parents.

I appreciated the offer, but opted to return with him so I could get some work done.

I felt sufficiently rested, and despite Copacabana being so close to Medellin, it really does feel a world apart once you’ve gotten away from the traffic, noise, crowds, and pollution.

Colombian breakfast
A typical Colombian breakfast of arepas with eggs, and hot chocolate.

Upon visiting Rodrigo’s finca in Copacabana, I couldn’t help but feel lucky to have such a good friend.

He’d helped teach me Spanish in 2009, and while we only met up once in 2010, he was still more than happy to invite me away for a weekend.

In parting, he invited me back any time, as his parents go there almost every weekend, as he does as well.

I haven’t gone back yet, but few weekends go by that I don’t think about visiting a finca in Copacabana, or another pueblo for some peace and quiet.

Sound system
The finca sound system which blasted vallenato the whole night.
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