Definitely Casual’s South American Wrap Up


South America from Jeff B

The guys over at Definitely Casual have wrapped up their South American adventure, and posted a great recap and video.

It feels like just yesterday that I bumped into them at Casa Kiwi’s lobby, but in reality, it has been about 4 months.

Colombia gets some good mentions in the superlatives department, and there are a bunch of clips from the coast, Cali, and Medellin in the video.  Check it out!

“Best Food – Rice plates w/ meat, beans & plantains; Colombia”

My commentary:  Seriously guys!?  I imagined everyone who’d been to Argentina would rank their steaks above traditional Colombian fare, but I guess not.

“Country That’s Not As Dangerous as People Think – Colombia”

My commentary:  Word to your mother.  Literally…tell your MOM you will survive like the other gringos who came before you, and then get your ass down here for a good time.

“Best Kept Secret – Medellin, Colombia”

My commentary:  Of course I still desire to see the rest of the continent, but hearing from people who have done the circuit and give props to Medellin warms the cockles of my heart.

Ironically, Colombia also gets the mention for something not so pleasant.

“Scariest Moment – Getting held up at knifepoint in Colombia, twice.  We’re alive w/all our belongings.”

My commentary:  I didn’t say to tell your mom you wouldn’t get robbed…just that you’d survive.

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  1. DAVE! I can’t believe you’ve been living in Medellin for five months now.  Time flies.  You must be a salsa KING.  Thanks for the love, man.  I talk about Medellin often and miss it.  I’m catching up on blogs and your posting of ME GUSTA ME GUSTA brought me back.  I loved that song so much.  Still dig it too.

    Enjoy your remaining time out there!  I’m sure your homecoming will be interesting to say the least after 20(!) months on the road.  I look forward to reading about it.