Travesuras – Nicky Jam


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    • If you mean this video specifically, it was shot in Medellín (up on Las Palmas highway) and Nicky Jam, while born in Puerto Rico, lives here.

      If you mean why I’m publishing music videos in general, it’s something I’ve done on a weekly basis since 2009. I remember when I first arrived and had little to no exposure to Latin music beforehand. In the clubs, I didn’t know my vallenato and cumbia from my salsa and bachata.

      It’s my hope that, in some small way, sharing the music that’s commonly heard on the streets and in the clubs will give those who’ve visitors who’ve yet to be exposed to this kind of music a leg up.

      Reggaeton is hugely popular in Medellín, and Colombia as a whole, therefore I tend to share more reggaeton videos than the other genres.

  1. I was just looking for where this video was shot.

    Coincidentally I was looking at going to Medellin, spending a few days and then driving to Cartagena. Is it a safe drive?