Tinto Tintero Café

Tinto Tintero Cafe
Tinto Tintero Café as viewed from across Calle 10 in Parque Poblado
Tinto Tintero Café as viewed from across Calle 10 in Parque Poblado

Editor’s Note: As of mid-2014, Tinto Tintero has moved to a new location on Calle 10, across from Parque Poblado. The photos in this post are from the new location. The menu, events and crowd remain the same. If anything, the larger space allows more people to enjoy them than before.

Following the frijolada, the two Viviana’s and I took a taxi to Parque Lleras to grab coffee.

I was hoping to introduce them to Pergamino Café, but being the Sunday evening of a holiday weekend, it was closed.

Instead, we happened across Tinto Tintero Café, which I’ve been meaning to write about for years.

This expat-owned cafe in Parque Lleras, a stone’s throw from Casa Kiwi Hostel, first popped onto my radar in 2009 for its Spanish and English language exchanges.

Those intercambios, as they’re called, are still going strong. English conversation practice happens every Tuesday at 8pm, and Spanish conversation happens every Wednesday at 8pm.

There’s no cost involved, though you’ll probably order a drink or coffee while there.

The bar area, where a projection screen is set up
The bar area, where a projection screen is set up

Tinto Tintero specializes in coffee drinks, of course, including versions with ice cream, and various liquors.

I ordered green tea, as I was coming down with a cold, and an alfajore, my favorite sweet from Argentina.

But I was instantly jealous when I saw what the two Viviana’s ordered.

Tall glasses filled with ice cream, coffee, chocolate sauce, and whipped cream. I clearly miscalculated.

By comparison, my diminutive alfajore couldn’t compare.

I could tell it was freshly baked, but the small size and odd decision to pour chocolate syrup over it, left me wanting more.

Other desserts options include banana bread (another of my favorites), ice cream, and a brownie with ice cream.

Tinto Tintero Café
Tinto Tintero Café

There are also a variety of sandwiches, and naughty-named cocktails on offer, including: Wet Dream, Romeo’s Rod, Absolutely Screwed, Bikini Martini, and the not-so-mysterious JagerMilf (Jagermeister and milk).

The candlelit atmosphere was warm and inviting, with most patrons choosing to sit outside and enjoy the night’s air.

The café is situated on a pedestrian path, a shortcut that helps one make their way from Parque Lleras to Provenza, and the hostels in the area.

Across from the path is a large, fenced, and artificially-lit basketball court. Most days, you’ll also see young men working out in the outdoor “gym” next to it.

A few feet away is the Eco-Bar.

In addition to the language exchanges, Tinto Tintero also holds movie nights and musical performances.

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  1. Just update anyone who is hoping for a language exchange here. We arrived last night and there was barely anyone in the cafe and certainly no one to exchange languages with. Bit disappointing. Medellin could do with something like this.