Biskiuts – El Taller Repostero: Gourmet Cupcakes in Envigado

Mini cupcakes
Mini cupcakes
Mini cupcakes
Mini cupcakes

I’m excited to share one of my oldest paisa friends, Marcela, just opened her own little gourmet cupcake shop in Envigado, together with her brother.

Taller Repostero is located a few blocks from where I lived in 2009, and a short 5-10 minute walk from the main plaza in Envigado.

In the last few years, a number of more upscale restaurants have opened up within the same area.

In addition to Marcela’s cupcake shop, I wish these Mexican, Cuban, and tapas places had been open when I was there!

Chocolate cupcake
Chocolate cupcake

Getting back to the cupcakes, Marcela and her brother have been selling them for the last three or four years via their Facebook page.

In addition to selling them for personal consumption, they also do catering for special events, such as weddings and birthdays.

In fact, soon after I arrived, and was handed a free welcome cocktail, a young couple came in to consider the cupcake options for their wedding.

Bailey's cupcake
Bailey’s cupcake

I ordered two cupcakes to start, a chocolate one and a Bailey’s one. The icing on both was very, very light and airy. I wouldn’t hesitate to say it was silky smooth.

This is a nice change from supermarket-style cupcakes which can go too heavy on the sugary-frosting.

In fact, based on my cupcake taste tests across the USA (Virginia, New York City, and Los Angeles), I’ve found the biggest differentiator is the approach toward frosting, as there’s only so many ways to bake a cake.

Lunch is served
Lunch is served

In addition to coffee, bottled water, and sodas, Taller Repostero offers two types of fruit slushees, a red berry one, and mango.

At the risk of sugar-overload, I ordered the mango slushee, which was refreshing on its own.

In the future, I’d prefer to have the option to order milk, as I think that goes better with cupcakes, as well as the cookies and pies they also sell.

Mmmm.....chocolate chip cookies and macaroons
Mmmm…..chocolate chip cookies and macaroons

Marcela’s brother may be the baker behind the confections, Marcela is the one who studied design, and took responsibility for the interior decor.

It had a small, country feel to it, with the colored tile wall, and white wood and glass cabinets. I liked the attention to detail, such as the fresh flowers on each of the tables.

Marcela's brother helps a couple choose cupcakes for their wedding
Marcela’s brother helps a couple choose cupcakes for their wedding

Despite being stuffed with my “lunch” of cupcakes, I also ordered a chocolate chip cookie and piece of banana bread to go.

The total cost of my two large cupcakes, mango slushee, cookie, and banana bread was a mere 12,000 pesos, or $6.60!

At those prices, almost anyone can afford to indulge in a cupcake at Taller Repostero.

Taller Repostero
Opening day of Taller Repostero in Envigado
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