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Where to Celebrate Christmas Eve in Medellín

If you’re in the City of Eternal Spring over the holidays and want to plan a calendar of exciting activities, cultural events, and delicious...

Free Things to Do in Medellín

Medellín is packed with tons of exciting activities to keep visitors entertained – from picturesque parks, cultural museums, salsa dancing, community tours and a...

Belén: Medellín’s Most Well-Rounded Community

Belén is a working-class community just west of the Medellín River. It's home to Pueblito Paisa and a popular nightlife district on Calle 33.

Pueblito Paisa: Mock Antioquian Village Atop Cerro Nutibara

Pueblito Paisa is a mock Antioquian village situated atop Cerro Nutibara, a hill occupying a central location in the Medellin valley.