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Proyecto Florecer: Ways to Contribute to Your Community From Home

Latin America is one of the hardest-hit regions in the COVID-19 pandemic. In Colombia, the effects of the virus have placed significant strain on...

E2E Foundation: An NGO Creating an Impact

In our latest NGO article, we learn about the E2E Foundation and the work they are doing in Colombia to generate positive social and environmental impacts

The Alliance for Responsible Mining: Transforming the Mining Sector

In our first NGO feature of 2015 we learn about the work The Alliance for Responsible Mining is doing to improve social and environmental practices in Artisanal and Small-scale mining.

Mahavir Kmina: Give the Gift of Mobility This Holiday Season

In December, Medellin Living is working to raise awareness and donations for Mahivr Kmina - an NGO that helps people without lower limbs access prosthetics.

Fundación las Golondrinas: Helping Vulnerable and Displaced Communities

In the third part of our NGO series, we learn about Fundación Las Golondrinas and their work which transforms the lives of vulnerable communities.

Marina Orth Foundation: Education, Leadership and Technology

We learn more about the work of the Marina Orth Foundation and how Medellin living readers can support their work in education, leadership and technology.

An Introduction to Supporting NGOs in Medellín

An introduction to our NGO series which will feature a variety of NGOs throughout Medellín and how Medellín readers can support their work.

Angeles de Medellin

For more info, visit the Angeles de Medellin website.

Help Portrait Medellin 2011

This video captures a photo-charity project lead by my buddy Troy Floyd. Help Portrait Medellín 2011 from Katie Hudson. The concept is simple: it's comprised of...

Charity Block Party

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, I met Lily at the Exposiciones metro station and we took a taxi past the San Diego Mall on...